China Wants India To Restore Kashmir's Pre-August 5 Status Or Forget Peace

China Wants India To Restore Kashmir’s Pre-August 5 Status Or Forget Peace


Reading News: China Wants India To Restore Kashmir’s Pre-August 5 Status Or Forget Peace

China and India have recorded tension on LAC border as high as 1962 when the two countries fought a brutal war killing many men. However, as of 2020, both of these countries lie in the G20 countries which means that both these countries enjoy humongous economies. And as a direct consequence of that, both countries possess extreme amounts of powerful artillery and weaponry. Not to forget both countries are nuclear enable. China has stood its position firmly on the LAC, rather entering deep into Indian territory by about 60 km.

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Military talks begun between the two countries a few days back in an attempt to sort out a peaceful solution to the border escalation. However, just recently, the Chinese government has put forward a demand which has baffled the entire political as well as military spectrum of India. China wants India to restore Kashmir’s Pre-August 5 status or forget peace. With China now intervening in the Kashmir issue, Indians are finding themselves in great trouble.

Read More About The Actual Dispute:

China Has Entered Miles Into Indian Territory On Ladakh LAC

India’s Illegal Inclusion of Kashmir

BJP led Indian government very well knew the fact that Kashmir was a disputed land between Pakistan, India and China as affirmed by the United Nations. No country among the three can just go ahead and claim absolute control over the disputed landed. India had always refused to conduct any sort of referendum in Kashmir because BJP government knew it very well that the people of Kashmir would decide in favor of Pakistan or would prefer sole control of their land.

Despite all of this, fascist Modi went ahead and revoked the Article 370 from Indian constitution which gave the land of Kashmir a disputed status, thus adding Kashmir to Indian territory according to Indian law. Since then, India has imposed curfew over Kashmir, thousands have been killed, raped and vandalized. The date of writing this article marks 316 days of curfew, almost totaling up to an year.

China Wants India To Restore Kashmir's Pre-August 5 Status Or Forget Peace

Revocation of the article 370 also affected the status of disputed territory of Ladakh, which in turn called for Chinese retaliation in the form of military activity on the LAC. China wants India to re-establish article 370 which states the status of both Kashmir and Ladakh as disputed.

Indian Fears Are Growing Day By Day As China Wants India To Restore Kashmir’s Status

Many defense analysts in India are expressing their concerns over the lack of rationalism and diplomacy in Indian prime minister Modi. They fear that India might have to surrender to the Chinese conditions and Modi very well might have to restore the Article 370.

Some people are calling this a clever move by China, reinforcing its friendship with Pakistan and supporting Pakistan’s stance over the Kashmir issue. Indians themselves are not confident over their military power enough to consider them a viable option.

It is about time India learns from its grave mistakes and throw out the fascist and inhumane leaders to bring forward the faces who are actually in search for peace.

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