China to Introduce AI-Powered Robots to Inspect CPEC Projects in Pakistan


Now Reading: China to Introduce AI-Powered Robots to Inspect CPEC projects in Pakistan

China is all set to employ the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to the infrastructure projects going to be built under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). As per reports, these Intelligent Inspection Robots would be initially deployed for the inspection of Matiari-Lahore 660 KV DC Power Transmission and Transformation project being developed under CPEC.

According to reports, the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) had successfully concluded the testing and debugging process of 20 AI-powered robots last week and now these robots will be tasked with inspection duties at the Matiari-Lahore project which is the first high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line developed by China and Pakistan together under the CPEC collection. “Around 20 Intelligent Inspection Robots were finished with debugging process last week and the same would be arriving in Pakistan for the operational purposes,” the reports stated.

This move is being made to make up for the disadvantages brought about my traditional means of inspection. “Regular inspection is critical for stable operations of key equipment in the project. Traditional methods have many disadvantages, and have brought massive challenges for both workers and project, such as high labor intensity, low work efficiency and poor detection quality,” a source added.


Way back in 2012, in an effort to make up for the obstacles created by using traditional fixed-point monitoring and manual means of inspection, the SGCC had started developing this Intelligent Inspection Robot System for Valve Hall which is now being implemented in CPEC. Informing about the advantages of this implementation, sources stated;

“The system can realize all-weather, all-directional, all-autonomous intelligent inspection and monitoring. The robots for valve hall will effectively reduce labor intensity, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and improve the automation and intelligence level of normal inspection and management.”

Four of the technicians working in the Mitiari-Lahore project group have already been selected for the debugging of the AI-Powered inspection system when it finally gets implemented.

Artificial Intelligence is gaining more and more recognition as each day passes in projects of grand scale with its endless advantages, especially in modern times. Just recently, the Pakistan Air Force started the development of AI to improve its warfare capabilities. With a project as massive as CPEC in its scale and applications, the use of AI-Powered tech to improvise in certain sectors undoubtedly would prove to be very useful in the long-term.


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