China Has Taken Control Of 60 Sq. km Of Indian Territory

China Has Taken Control Of 60 Sq. km Of Indian Territory


Reading Now: China Has Taken Control Of 60 Sq. km Of Indian Territory

The Chinese military invaded Indian soil from the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the middle of last month. Tensions between the two countries have continued to escalate since the very commencement of this invasion. China is of the view that India has violated the mutual agreement of not carrying out any construction activities because the land of Ladakh is an ancient dispute between the two countries. India is of the view that it has carried out the construction of its new road abiding by the agreement as they think that they are the rightful owners of the area they have built upon. Learn more about the dispute in our previous article.

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China is pushing back the Indian line of defense inside its country to this very day. The two armed forces are not allowed to employ weapons until a full scale war is declared by either of the sides. That leaves the armed forces using their hands, legs and elbows to assault or retaliate. According the most recent report as per Indian politicians themselves, China has taken control of 60 sq. km of Indian territory.

Fears Hovering Over India’s Head

According to a report shared by one of the Indian army analysts, top generals of the Indian Army were caught asleep when China had started invading Indian land in the first place. The public sectors and many politicians are demanding to call of the irresponsible officers who were not responsible enough and aware of their duties, and thus are responsible for allowing China to take hold in the first place.

Many senior Indian analysts have expressed their fears over their speculation that India might not have any other option except concurring the Chinese demands and handing over the entire Ladakh district to the Chinese. This is because of the fact that Chinese troops are constantly building permanent looking bunkers to store their logistics and do not seem to have any plans to retrieve back. The Chinese army heads have very clearly stated that either the Chinese demands will be met by Delhi, or else China will impose a limited scale war.

China Has Taken Control Of 60 Sq. km Of Indian Territory

Chinese troops have laid down new steel wires, which previously used to be a part of the Indian ground stations. More and more troops are being sent on the LAC by countries on both sides, which is not helping the peace process, rather aggravating the stance of a potential clash.

Peace Process Between The Two Countries

Even though China has entered well above 60 sq. km of Indian land, New Delhi is not even thinking of going to war with the economic giant. Especially in times of this pandemic when India’s economy is already suffering, it is highly unlikely that the Indian government would opt for anything but the table talk to sort out the issue, which is quite non-conventional of India this time around.

An Indian journalist Ajay Shukla said that the army officers he met were reminded of the Kargil conflict in 1999 with Pakistan. And Ladakh conflict is actually quite similar to the Kargil conflict in a very limited manner, however, with a much more powerful and greater economic giant this time. The Indian government has invited the Chinese to table talks, while trying to keep the Chinese from having absolute control over the Galwan River, in which they have quite literally failed.

Will China unleash its wrath to get what it wants from India?

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.


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