China Has Entered Miles Into Indian Territory On Ladakh LAC

China Has Entered Miles Into Indian Territory On Ladakh LAC


Reading Now: China Has Entered Miles Into Indian Territory On Ladakh LAC

Just when the world thought that it could not witness any other global tension after the novel pandemic, it has witnessed a new advent of a global crisis. The two economic giants China and India are on the very verge of a serious clash that can end up just as bad as any other prominent war battle, or even worse. According to reports, China has pushed back the Indian forces on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) at Ladakh. China has entered miles into Indian territory on Ladakh LAC. Using satellite image interpretation, it has been estimated that Chinese troops well above 3-4 km inside the declared Indian territory.

Origin Of The Conflict

Galwan valley is a disputed territory between India and China and a part of it is the Ladakh region which is notorious for the 1962 war between India and China. Ever since the 1962 war, both countries have proceeded to claim the region as their respective land. This had resulted in the formation of The Administration of Union Territory of Ladakh, the sole responsibility of which is to condemn and look out for any attempts of construction or invasion by any party in view of becoming a claimant.

However, India kept up with its tradition of violating treaties and agreements and started the construction of a 10 km long road in the disputed area called Shyok-DBO road. This and several other construction activities by Indians riled up the Chinese and led to creating tensions between the Chinese and Indian military troops, until a few days back, when Chinese military decided to push back the Indian soldiers to hold temporary posts in India.

China Has Entered Miles Into Indian Territory On Ladakh LAC
Shyok-DOB Road parallel to Galwan River

Clashes Between The Two Armies

The two countries share an agreement of not using bullets or mechanized assault systems when clashes like these appear. However, the armies can fight with fists and elbows, stones and iron bars etc. The Chinese took the Indian army by surprise on May 5 for the first time and pelted stones on the Indian troops. They also fought physically with Indian soldiers whereas iron bars were also used.

The initial clashes resulted in a lot of Indian soldiers being injured. Some were injured so severely that they had to be taken to military hospitals. Since then, the Chinese military has been extending its forces towards the Indian borders. China has recently been seen reinforcing its temporary posts and it seems like China has some long plan to stay in the works. More and more troops are being brought to the borders on both sides amidst the escalating crisis.

What Is The Future?

War is never a real option. Especially when it comes to intensely populated countries like India and China, it will be their last resort for either countries to go out for a full scale war. Not to forget both countries are nuclear capable. However, under the fascist reign of Narindra Modi, everything is unexpected. Keeping in mind the potential threat, US President Donald Trump has recently tweeted that he is ready to play the role of a mediator or an arbitrator between the countries.

It is being hoped that both the countries will act sensibly and go for negotiations to resolve the critical dispute.

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