China Builds New Camp in Galwan

China Builds New Camp In Galwan, Satellite Shows Structures On Indian Border


After recent clashes with India, China builds new camp in Galwan.
Latest satellite images show new structures being built on Indian border.

On the night of June 15th, Indian troops clashed with Chinese Troops of Peoples Liberation Army of China. The Military Clash took place in the Valley of Galwan, the disputed Himalayan territory of Ladakh. It left 20 Indian Soldiers dead, 76 were injured and many were captured by the PLA. It was the deadliest clash between the nuclear-armed neighbors in decades. Chinese casualties were also reported, but no official numbers were released.

Immediately after the clash, Foreign Miniseries of both countries released their statements and a deescalation process was expected. However on June 22nd, a space technology company called Maxar released new images of Galwan Valley. The fresh satellite images show new structures which appear to have been built by China overlooking the Galwan River. Aerial Photographs taken earlier this June showed nothing in the area. But now structures like Bunkers, Tents and Storage Units are clearly visible in the images. These images were published in time as both sides were working to publicly calm the rising tensions. Neither India nor China has released any official statement on these new images.

China builds new camp in Galwan, Latest satellite images show structures being built on Indian border.
China builds new camp in Galwan, Latest satellite images show structures being built on Indian border.

What China Has To Say :

Chinese military strategists and retired military members have been calling on Beijing. They have warned Beijing of possible further escalation and have asked for granting its frontline troops more power to respond to an “intrusion” by Indian forces. Qiao Liang, A Retired Air Force Major General and Military theorist, said that while the possibility of an all-out war between the two countries remained low, China needed to prepare for an escalation into an armed conflict. He wrote:

“We should not overestimate India’s response, but we must also not let our guard down. China must ‘take the initiative’ in case of a more serious military conflict along the border.”

Indian news outlets reported that the Indian Army had authorized field commanders to use firearms in case of “extraordinary” circumstances along the LAC. Diplomats from both countries agreed that their commanding officers will have their troops retreat. This Military Clash has proven to be one of the biggest Foreign Policy Challenge to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He currently faces accusations that his Government showed incompetency and was ill-prepared to deal with the clash. Here’s what Rahul Gandhi had to say about him:


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