CEO Broadpeak Technologies Blames Government For Cutting Off Employees

CEO Broadpeak Technologies Blames Government For Cutting Off Employees


Reading News: CEO Broadpeak Technologies Blames Government For Cutting Off Employees

As if the public defamation and insult was not enough for this multi-million dollar company in the last few weeks, the CEO of Broadpeak Technologies Tariq Farid decided to hop on Twitter and express his thoughts over what he calls silly actions taken by the government. Broadpeak Technologies is a multi-million dollar, US based, software and IT development company being operated in Pakistan. This giant of a company would be expected to show what professional responsibility means, but no. Completely thrashing out all decency and moral values, the company inflicted inhumane measures in an attempt to save the company in this pandemic.

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And as if that were not enough, the company prohibited the remaining employees to work from home. And that resulted in the imminent. The employees became a victim of the pandemic and on being reported, the office was sealed in Islamabad.

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Broadpeak Technologies Office Sealed In Islamabad As Employees Were Diagnosed Corona Positive

Tariq Farid’s Baseless Rants Against Government

This company has basically become notorious for its absurd reasons behind its actions. The company does not seem to value its employees at all because as a software house, all employees can work from the safety of their homes. But instead of facilitating, this company’s gerontocrat administration fired off many of its workers and continued operations till the very health of its staff was compromised.

And as the government swung into action against this foolery, now the CEO Broadpeak Technologies blames government for cutting off employees, completely overlooking the fact that  the company itself fired hundreds of its employees itself, compared to the 130 employees who have been forced by the government to sit at home now.

Tariq Farid did not forget to include in his tweet his sacrifices he has had made for the business community. Quite hilarious because the only thing his company has sacrificed in recent times is its man power. He seemed quite nosy over the fact that the government officials used the office’s paper and equipment to seal the office in Islamabad, as he mentioned in his tweet.

Lies Off The Grill

CEO Mr. Tariq Farid has consistently targeted in his Twitter feed the government officials stating that they took action on misinformation and called it all a publicity stunt in an attempt to get some pictures. However, Mr. Tariq’s information is completely misleading because the employees themselves have confirmed that they have been tested positive with COVID-19.

The people are of the view that the company’s management should get over the 130+ employees lost which the government did not fire anyways, that until the CEO confirmed on his own, and should focus on providing better job security and showing humanitarian spirit. In times of crisis, the elite must help the less fortunate.

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