Cengiz Coskun aka Turgut Alp Reveals Getting Marriage Proposals On Instagram From Pakistan


Now Reading: Cengiz Coskun aka Turgut Alp Reveals Getting Marriage Proposals On Instagram From Pakistan

After Esra Belgic or as everyone in Pakistan knows her in love as, i.e. Halime Sultan got the country’s men fawning over her, it looks like another one of Diriliş: Ertuğrul’s cast members has received the same reaction from the Pakistani women. Recently, playing one of the most loved characters from the entire series i.e. Turgut Alp, whose character in the series is that of one of the early warriors of the Ottoman Empire and a very close friend of Ertuğrul Ghazi (the series protagonist), the Ertugrul star – Cengiz Coskun – has revealed that he got to know of his massive popularity in Pakistan via social media, especially when he received marriage proposals on Instagram.

Special Eid Interview With Waseem Badami And Shahid Afridi

Earlier before Eid-ul-Adha, Pakistanis, especially the country’s girls rejoiced as they got to know that the Turkish actor will be joining ARY News’ Eid Special show in an exclusive interview with Waseem Badami and former cricketer Shahid Afridi. This was revealed by a video circulating on social media which showed Coskun asking Pakistanis if they are excited for Eid. Telling his own feelings on the occasion, he said that he is personally very excited as he will be a part of a special interview with ‘Lala Afridi and Waseem Badami’. Anchorperson Waseem Badami also confirmed this via a social media message.

Coskun’s Personal Life And Relationship Status

The interview started with Eid greetings and the involved people exchanged good wishes on the occasion. About Ertugrul’s success in Pakistan, Coskun said that it was expected to be a hit in Muslim countries but despite this fact, the massive success in Pakistan was more than something he or anyone on the show’s team ever expected. Throughout the interview, many matters were lightheartedly discussed. Though, the interview soon drifted towards a particular direction i.e. the actor’s personal life when Anchorperson Waseem Badami asked Coskun a few of his signature “Masoomana Sawaal”.

Answering them, the actor revealed that he got to know of his massive popularity in Pakistan through the marriage proposals he received from Pakistani girls on his instagram, which put a big smile on Afridi and Badami’s faces. Coskun then proceeded to break the girls’ hearts as he revealed that albeit not being bound in a marriage yet, he is in love with someone and has been committed to them for a long time now. “I cannot marry everyone,” the actor jokingly remarked.


Learning Cricket With ‘Lala’ Afridi And Experiencing Pakistani Culture And Industry

In the candid interview, Coskun also showed a high level of interest in coming to Pakistan after the novel coronavirus pandemic is over. He expressed multiple things he wanted to do when he does eventually visit the country. One such thing he wants to do is learn cricket from Boom Boom and so, he requested Afridi to teach him cricket whenever he visits Pakistan in the near future.

Turgut further expressed his desire in tasting the traditional Pakistani household dish – ‘Biryani’ – during his visit and got recommended by Badami and Afridi to try it out in all of its Sindhi glory. He also answered a question presented by many of the fans i.e. whether he would be working in the Pakistani Entertainment industry sometime soon. The actor stated that he would happily work in a Pakistani project if he was offered the chance. Showing his love for the country and his fans in Pakistan, Coskun said “Dil Dil Pakistan, Jan Jan Pakistan” towards the end of the interview as well.

Thanks To Prime Minister Imran Khan

For promoting the series in Pakistan and urging its citizens to watch it, resulting in its massive popularity in the country, the Ertugrul actor especially expressed his gratitude towards Prime Minister Imran Khan. He thanked him for making all the record-breaking feats of the drama possible.

Here’s the full interview:


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