Celebrities too seem to doubt if voting for PTI was the right decision

Celebrities too seem to doubt if voting for PTI was the right decision


When PTI started its election campaign in 2018, many eminent personalities of Pakistan, as well as celebrities, have vouched for the campaign of Imran khan wholeheartedly. They stuck with him through thick and thin times throughout these years. But, unfortunately, all hope loose in 2020 and now many are backing off from their stance support for Prime Minister.

Unfortunately, the spin of time brings the same celebrities in front of him doubting his leadership skills. Recently, one of the veteran actors of the Pakistani entertainment industry Fahad Mustafa questions Imran khan about the current circumstances.

The host of Jeeta Pakistan tweeted and asked that

“If I made the right decision voting you?”

Other Celebrities concern about PTI government

Besides Fahad, the singer and a “Verna” actor Haroon Shahid also exhibit his concerns about the path on government is heading.

Many other celebrities and eminent personalities second their thought. On the other hand, many Twitterati contradicts with celebs.

Moreover, one of the biggest critiques of Pakistani showbiz, Khalil-ur-Rehman also plays his role in questioning the credibility of Khan.

Later on, he clears his concerns in another tweet which was posted after the severe response from the public.


When Imran Khan was elected as a PM of Pakistan, there was a wave of hope all over Pakistan. Everyone seems satisfied and believed that now the country is in good hands and soon the situation will be favorable.

The public of Pakistan started losing their faith in PTI Government and Imran Khan. The condition of the country is deteriorating day by day. Even daily household prices are skyrocketing.

In fact from petrol to mineral water, from meat to vegetables, from local products to foreign goods the cost is now rising for everything.

Although, it takes time to turn the words and promises into reality. Millions of Pakistani have faith that Imran will fulfill his promises. Hence, Is Imran Khan really worthy of that trust now?

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