CDA to unveiled ‘Quaid’s Portrait’ on Pakistan Day

CDA to unveiled Quaid’s Portrait on Pakistan Day


The Capital Development Authority is soon to unveil a 60ft long and 50ft wide portrait of the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam on the Islamabad Expressway on March 23.

The portrait of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah along the Islamabad Expressway will inaugurate on March 23.

The portrait of Mr. Jinnah, designed by Jamal Shah, was previously constructed along the Expressway near Koral in 2005 during Gen Pervez Musharraf’s tenure.

However, in August last year, it collapsed due to heavy rain. On Quaid’s death anniversary in September and his birthday in December, Capital Development Authority (CDA) installed a temporary portrait before starting this project worth Rs59 million.

The new portrait is also designed by Mr. Shah, which is 60ft long and 50ft wide. A safety wall is also constructed around it.

As per the statement issued by CDA:

“The project will be completed within the time of three months. This new portrait will be capable of competing with the harsh weather. The length and width of the new portrait will be 50 feet and 60 feet respectively. New features have been added in writing Unity, Faith, and Discipline”.

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CDA officials said the portrait is made from a 2mm iron sheet.

“This project is of national interest so we are fully focusing on its completion within the stipulated time. The project will be inaugurated on March 23,” said an engineer of the CDA.

CDA Chief’s displeasure over slow working

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed on Friday showed his displeasure over the slow fencing of the service road along the Islamabad Expressway.

The Chairman was visiting the site of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s portrait along the expressway to see its construction work. The new portrait will inaugurate on March 22.

The chairman directed the concerned wing to complete the fencing project in one week.

“This project should have been completed weeks ago. Why progress is slow? This task should be completed in one week,” the chairman said while inspecting the fencing project.

He also ordered carrying out a patchwork of the expressway and maintaining greenbelts.
Meanwhile, he inspected Quaid’s portrait project, which is being given the final touches. The project, sources said was likely to be inaugurated by Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on March 22 or March 23.

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Islamabad- A tourist-friendly city

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) decided to make the federal capital tourist-friendly, functionalize libraries, and hold activities that highlight the national culture.

Besides this, Capital Development Authority (CDA) board decided to set up 4400 apartments for homeless people of the capital city.

Moreover, the board decided to establish Metropolitan Police and the construction of major projects Margla Avenue, ITN, IGP Road, and 10th Avenue.

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