CDA to establish 4400 houses and new Police Force in Islamabad

CDA to establish 4,400 houses and new Police Force in Islamabad


Capital Development Authority (CDA) board decided to set up 4400 apartments for homeless people of the capital city, on Monday.

The board discussed the new developments in detail and stated that the construction of residential units in Alipur Farash will provide cheap housing to the poor/displaced citizens on CDA’s platform. It is pertinent to mention that the beneficiaries of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme would receive similar assistance.

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The first meeting of the newly constituted board of the CDA was held in the committee room of the CDA headquarters under the chairmanship of Amir Ali Ahmed.

Apart from the executive members, the four private / non-executive members including renowned Pakistani architect Nayyar Ali Dada, Iftikhar Arif, former chairman of the Academy of Literature, Vice-Chancellor Quaid-e-Azam University Dr. Muhammad Ali, and renowned architect Ali Asghar Khan were in the meeting.

Member Admin Amir Abbas, Member Estate Naveed Elahi, and Member Engineering Syed Munawar Hussain Shah attended the meeting.

Establishment of Metropolitan Police Force

The board decided to establish Metropolitan Police and the construction of major projects Margla Avenue, ITN, IGP Road, and 10th Avenue.
The board also decided to regularize all daily wages and contract employees. For those who meet the eligibility criteria in the light of the High Court decision. The meeting also approved the establishment of a Metropolitan Police in Islamabad.

Initially, for this purpose, 50 Islamabad Police personnel would be taken on deputation for the existing 50 posts in the CDA’s strength. Apart from training, they will have special uniforms and special privileges for serving employees.

The force will be able to secure foreign residents, tourist destinations, trails, and also as a first respondent. It will work and at the same time provide information to the citizens about the facilities available at various places.

The meeting also discussed the issue of Green Restaurant Cafe Shops in F-9 Park. The Board also decided to start this project under the supervision of the renowned painter Nayyar Ali Dada, who is also the designer of F-9 Park.

New Roads in Town

Besides deliberating about residential schemes and establishing a new police force. The board also discussed the construction of three new roads to readjust the Ministry of Defence’s logistics route.

However, the Ministry’s Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) or the National Logistics Cell (NLC) will develop these reports, as per reports.

CDA Board decided to send the project regarding the construction of highways including Margla Avenue, ITN, IGP Road, and 10th Avenue to the Federal Cabinet for approval.

The CDA’s board already filled the recommendations and now waiting for the final review by the federal cabinet. The CDA expects the new projects to commence in the coming few months.

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