CDA Halted Construction Of Hindu Temple In Islamabad

CDA Halted Construction Of Hindu Temple In Islamabad


News Today: CDA Halted Construction Of Hindu Temple In Islamabad

Today on Friday, Capital Development Authority (CDA) halted construction of Hindu temple in Islamabad because of several legal issues. CDA raised flags against the construction activity because nobody is yet allowed to actually build any sort of structure on the allocated site. This is because of the fact that according to CDA policies, a map must be approved by the authority which follows all the specified guidelines and only then a body is allowed to begin its construction activities. CDA spokesperson Mazhar Hussain stated that no map had been approved by CDA for the temple project and construction of a concrete wall had been started without proper approval.

Concerns Of Hindu Panchayat

Officials from the CDA and building control departments reached the site in H-9/2 and directed the workers to halt all sorts of construction activities with immediate effect. The members from Hindu Panchayat acknowledged this action and addressed the situation by saying that the wall that was being constructed was not going to be a part of the temple but was being built with the sole purpose of securing the land from trespassers and land mafia. They said that this land was previously home to seminary students who had their residence set up on the site. CDA took about a hefty two years to actually be able to clear the land from tents for construction. PTI MNA Lal Chand Malhi said that he did not want to see such a problem again.

CDA Halted Construction Of Hindu Temple In Islamabad

Clarification By Ministry Of Religious Affairs

The Ministry of Religious Affairs did not waste a single second after this issue came up on the scene and clarified that the ministry was not responsible for the construction on the site. In addition to that the Ministry for Religious Affairs is only allowed to renovate the worship places for minorities and is not authorized to build a new one in the first place.

Also, the ministry stated that after PM Imran Khan approves the summary formulated for approval of Rs. 100 million for the construction cost of the temple, the project will be handed over to Ministry of Housing and Works and Pak PWD which will later pass on the project to the most relevant civic body which is CDA. And ultimately, the finance ministry will release the funds.

The ministry also found it necessary to respond to criticism of allowing the construction of the temple. The spokesperson said that people should realize that Ministry of Religious Affairs did not issue the land for this cause. Ministry for Human Rights planned and executed this endeavor. Also, PM Imran Khan will consult CII (Council of Islamic Ideology) before approving the deliverance of funds as to find if everything is in compliance to Shariah laws.

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