CDA decides to transform Islamabad into a tourist-friendly city

CDA decides to transform Islamabad into a tourist-friendly city


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) at the first meeting of the newly-formed CDA Board on Wednesday decided to make the federal capital tourist-friendly, functionalize libraries, and hold activities that highlight the national culture.

It was also decided to create a facilitation center to promote tourism. Special guidance will be given to tourists towards the available facilities. On the other hand, the importance of visiting the historical places in Islamabad and its environs will also be highlighted.

The meeting also decided that the existing libraries in the city would be made functional immediately for the promotion of book reading. Other important steps included holding cultural shows, celebrations and undertaking other important steps to highlight the national culture.

The board meeting also reviewed the sanitation situation in the city and directed to further improve the sanitation system. There were also instructions to expedite and improve the efforts for the rehabilitation of the road infrastructure of the city.

Other Projects of Tourism in Capital

Drive-Thru Cinema

A few months back, CDA was in Plans to Set-up a Drive-in Cinema in the Federal Capital. Amid coronavirus, Drive-thru cinemas were considered safe and engaging sources of entertainment for the public. However, CDA decides to ban the Drive-in cinemas at the request of petition lawyers Yasir Chaudhry. According to him, only people with cars can enjoy it and it will create the ultimate rush in public parks.

The Temple

Before this, CDA decides to build a Hindu temple in Islamabad with an investment of 100 million. Unfortunately, due to some issues, CDA halts the construction for a while.

The Zoo

The government has planning to launch an electric train in Islamabad that will establish in wildlife Safari park soon. This electric wildlife safari train will serve to extend quality entertainment to visitors and to attract more tourists.

Pak-Iran-Turkey Train Service

The train service made its first move in 2009 but now the government of three countries decides to resume the operation shortly. “Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad” train will complete the one-side trip in about 12 days. It will have a capacity of transporting 750 metric tons of commercial goods.

Attock Fort

The government decides to open the Attock fort for the general public for the first time in history.
According to the plan, the infrastructure will be improved in six different tourist spots of the province under the project.

Besides all these exceptional projects government is working vigilantly to improve the conditions in Islamabad. First of all, Capital Development Authority has decided to install security cameras in parks in Islamabad to provide a safe and secure environment. As per World Crime Index, Islamabad beats London, Berlin, and Paris in Safety

Moreover, Islamabad is all set to build Asia’s biggest children’s eye hospital. The hospital will have a treating capacity of 150,000 children annually.

For the purpose of better education, Government decides to introduce the E-filling system will introduce in all schools and colleges. Similarly, Islamabad starts its first Smart School that teaches out-of-school children for free.

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