Cannoli Café manager's says It was all for fun [Video]

Cannoli Café manager says the owners didn’t humiliate him [Video]


Recently a video went viral of two ladies humiliating her employee over his poor English. This video was making rounds on social media and outrage the anger of many netizens. Even many of our celebrities took to their social media handles to show their concerns regarding this hideous act of both women (Diya and Uzma).

Surprisingly, People are so concerned about judging Awais (the manager) capabilities over his inability to speak fluent English. This video turned into a talk of the town. Let’s just have a look:

The Owner’s Apology

However, when all this started getting out of the hands, both owners posted an apology on the Instagram account. In the apology, they state that “They are having a gup shup”.

Even his apology did not cool the people’s anger. People are still concerned about Awais, who bear this bad and ridicule attitude of his owners.

Awais Response

While talking to the media, Awais Aftab calmly said that it was all just for fun. Although, he was happy that so many people supported him. However, he was not being abused at his workplace. Moreover, his employers didn’t intend to humiliate him. Let’s take a look at the video.

Awais further elaborates his relationship with his employees by saying

” His relationship with his employers is just the same as in any other place. He said that he has worked at the cafe for 10 years and has always worked honestly. Furthermore, he said that the working conditions aren’t bad.”

When asked if he would leave the cafe and go work somewhere else as many other places have offered him jobs, he replied that he’s worked at Cannoli for 10 years and will continue to work there with honesty like he always has.

It is pertinent to mention that after the video went viral jobs started over Awais. Even, Salman Taseer’s son Shahbaz Taseer talked to him and offer him a job in his company’s HR department.

Besides this Azam Jamil also offered Awais to work with him in Murree. He promised to get Awais a better opportunity in a year at one of Tevta’s centers in Murree.

Moreover, he shared some pictures regarding the offer he made.

Azam Jamil’s Prediction

It is quite shocking that Azam Jamil already predicted Awais’s reaction in a very manner.

In one of his tweets, he said that he doesn’t want the restaurant owners to make their manager record a video to tell that it was all staged. And we hope that is not the case.

This case is quite shut after Awais’s response but CHEERS to the Pakistani nation for standing against this “English and Elite” culture.

What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments!

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