Bushra Bibi says Imran Khan is a virtuous man and can save Pakistan [Video]

Bushra Bibi says Imran Khan is a virtuous man and can save Pakistan [Video]


First Lady Bushra Bibi’s throwback interview is making rounds on social media again. In that interview, she clarifies many misconceptions and rumors which were surfing about her.

Bushra Bibi is not only the First Lady of Pakistan but also the third wife of PM Imran Khan. They married to each other 6 months before PM Khan assumed office.

While answering a question, she said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is a virtuous man and every virtuous man has to find his right path sooner or later.

Bushra Bibi’s First Interview

In her first interview with a private TV Channel, Bushra Bibi said, “Everyone says I brought a change in Imran Khan’s life, but the reality is that change came in both of us due to each other.”

Bushra Bibi says Imran Khan is a virtuous man and can save Pakistan [Video]

Moreover, she clarifies one of the biggest misconceptions by saying

Look I’ve never seen the Prophet (PBUH) in my dream, ordering me to marry Imran Khan. This is a complete lie and whoever has said this – I can’t understand how he dared to use such words.

Bushra Bibi, 47 years old, also revealed that the news of her getting Nikahfied during her Iddat was also incorrect.

I must tell people that when I left my home, I completed my iddat before leaving the house. My ex-husband was a religious man. He told me that we should complete it at home, in the Quranic manner.

Also added that she married Imran Khan almost 6 months after her iddat.

Let’s watch the video.

Reply to another question, Bushra Bibi said,

“Being a human, Imran Khan is a very simple, fair person and he has no greed for anything at all.”

PM does not have a magic wand

Imran Khan will change the fate of Pakistan, he is working hard for the Pakistani nation. However, it takes time to bring change in the country, but she has a strong belief in him.

The First Lady wondered over how the leaders of opposition parties were reacting and raising questions about the promised change only after a month the PTI government took charge.

“How the change can come in a month. Imran Khan does not have a magic wand,” she remarked.

To a question about the country’s future, Bushra Bibi expressed her strong conviction that Imran Khan. She said Imran Khan is a leader who always thinks about the betterment of the masses, would take Pakistan forward on the path of socio-economic development and prosperity.

Bushra Bibi says Imran Khan is a virtuous man and can save Pakistan [Video]

To another question, the First Lady agreed that there was strong opposition in the parliament. However, she expressed her confidence that despite all odds, PM Khan would sail out of difficulties with the blessings of Allah Almighty.

About her life-style and veiling, Bushra Bibi said, nobody had the right to discuss her personal life and lifestyle.

“We are Muslims and living in an Islamic country. I do not understand why people talk about my veiling,” she remarked.

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