Brigadier (retd) Shujah Hassan Appointed As CEO Of Pakistan Steel Mills


Now Reading: Brigadier (retd) Shujah Hassan Appointed As CEO Of Pakistan Steel Mills

Retired Brigadier Shujah Hassan has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Pakistan Steel Mills by the federal government. On Friday, the Establishment division issued a notification which stated that the appointment of Brig (r) Shujah Hassan as the new CEO of PSM would be for one year, effective immediately. “The appointment is subject to termination on one month’s notice by either side,” the notification further read.

Late last month, the Board of Directors of PSM recommended the government names of three shortlisted candidates to be appointed as the post of CEO of Pakistan Steel Mills with the candidate being priority No.1 having degrees in warfare and strategic studies. This was done by PSM’s Board of Director in the board’s 407th meeting, concurring the recommendations of Board Human Resource Committee (BHRC) and also resolving the criteria adopted for the CEO’s appointment.


BHRC gave its justification regarding the priority No.1 candidate, saying that the nature of his assignments during his professional life with Pakistan Army and with a strategic organisation make him a cut above the rest. He had also showed passion and commitment to handle the short term objectives of the post.

Designation Of A Transitory Plan Of Action

The Board of PSM and the Government of Pakistan had designated a plan in order to attract private parties who can invest and operate in regards with a concession agreement. This process would be managed by the Privatization Commission of Pakistan. PSM required a transitory CEO who could be capable of becoming a strong administrator and guard the assets of PSM.

The appointed CEO would also help to execute this transitory plan of action to prepare the Mills for a public private partnership. During the transition plan that would last from one to two years, there would be no steel production. The mills’ main function during this period would be to focus on maintaining all its assets and executing other non-core functions in a professional manner. This would include reducing expenses, generating non-core income and also managing the late pool of employees with little productive work.


Keeping in mind all this, the board then found candidate No.1 i.e. Shujah Hassan to be a better fit than the rest, given the needs of the mill’s revival plan and its prevailing environment and how they line up with the candidate’s qualifications. The candidates on priority No. 2 and No. 3 were Muhammad Farooq Usman Siddiqui (Owner/director/President of Crescent Fesh Inc. from 2003 till now) and Tariq Ejaz Chaudhary (Advisor and Consultant in different industrial Project from April 2017- till date) respectively.

The Board had then directed PSM management to forward its report and these findings to the Ministry of Industries and Production to take further action. Now, priority candidate No. 1 – Retired Brigadier Shujah Hassan – has officially gotten the post of CEO of PSM to execute all the needs of the mills.


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