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You Can Book Careem Through Whatsapp Now


Careem , the ride hailing service has now introduced a new feature, you can easily book you careem rides through Whatsapp. Careem was launched in Pakistan soon after Uber, which later acquired Careem for $3.1 billion. Currently this feature is only available for Careem.

Since the start, Careem keep on modifying their app so that it is more flexible for the end user. Which the help of this new feature it would make the ride booking even smoother. There are times when you cannot locate a car, or your phone Careem app is not responding, booking through Whatsapp will save the day in such cases.

Here’s how you can book Careen ride through Whatsapp:

The process is very simple and perfectly designed for layman. First step is to save Careem’s number on your cellphone 0311-1555169 . After that it will start appearing in your Whatsapp Contacts.

Careem Whatsapp

Here;s a video guide how to book ride using Whatsapp:

  • First send a ‘Hi’ message on Whatsapp to the careem contact you saved.
  • Send your current location through Whatsapp.
  • Select your desired ride/Car.
  • You will receive details of your Captain and Car.

Careem’s SVP of Operations, Sandeep Shetty said in April, 2019 that test is in line with Careem’s efforts in bringing the latest technologies and tools to deliver great customer experience.

“By allowing customers to connect with us via WhatsApp we will be able to deliver this promise and at the same time fit in with the ways more and more customers prefer to connect with companies and friends in today’s world.

General Manager  Zeeshan Hasib Baig, said during the launch of this service:

​With the ability to book a Careem through WhatsApp, we want to ensure that customers with low-end smartphones and data bandwidth limitations have a seamless experience when using our ride-hailing services. As the internet platform for the Greater Middle East and Pakistan, Careem continues to constantly disrupt itself to make sure that Pakistan accelerates even more quickly towards a digital future.

Booking Careem through Whatsapp is now available across all cities in Pakistan. This can only be availed by those who already have number registered with the Careem app.

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