Bol news got took Jeremy Mclellan tweet so far and Indians are mad


Jeremy McLellan-An American stand-up comedian famous for his unique sense of humor and undoubtedly one of the best New Faces of comedy land.

Jeremy twitted a video of Italian people singing from their houses amid COVID-19 lockdown. In the video, People were singing Pakistan’s National Anthem that obviously grabs the world’s attention.


Exactly you are in shock as much as every single human alive on this earth because this video was edited but Pakistani and Indian media take it seriously enough and turn this news into headlines and bulletins.


No one was singing the Pakistani National anthem. Everyone there were chanted slogans “Don’t Give Up”. All the residents were uniquely supporting each other to not give up in this time of trouble.

Evidence suggests that People were singing their own songs which they used to sing in Naples, Italy. The Italian people sang the song on the balcony of the flats for their unity. This video has gone viral. But they never sang the national anthem of Pakistan.

In another tweet, Jeremy shared the link of the packed news item about the tweet he shared. It seems Jeremy realizes how far his fake news has gone.



This is exactly what happened when Media start spreading the News without confirming it.



The original video can be found on YouTube in which people are surely not singing Anthem of Pakistan.



Not only the Media but Pakistani Awam seems so busy in appreciating the video with National Anthem.







On the other hand, India, which is Pakistan’s worst enemy, did not set back and come with facts to prove the fake news about Pakistani National Anthem.


It should be noted that how a single tweet can fool around the media. There were several videos on social media that went viral in the quiet streets of Italy and they were seen singing from the balconies of their homes.

Some of the other edited videos are also swarming on social media but next time while sharing any other video and picture please do a cross-check.




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