BMW is all set to launch its Motorcycles in Pakistan

BMW is all set to launch its Motorcycles in Pakistan


Ever since the new generation of motorists and motorcycle-enthusiasts took over Pakistan’s motorcycle industry, it has been building up quite a significant potential. Deewan Motors, BMW’s official dealer, has recently decided to capitalize on this potential. Therefore, the motor company is planning to launch the BMW Motorrad in Pakistan.

BMW is all set to launch its Motorcycles in Pakistan

The German automaker’s BMW Motorrad division deals with the production, marketing, and sales of motorbikes. BMW Motorrad is currently producing and selling a wide variety of motorcycles. That includes sports bikes, superbikes, street bikes, trail bikes, adventure bikes, and long journey cruisers, . It is pertinent to mention that the BMW Motorrad is a premium brand.

Deewan Motors noticed the long-term potential of Pakistan’s booming motorcycle market and decided to capitalize on the opportunity. As the official distributor of BMW passenger vehicles in Pakistan, the motor company plans to introduce a BMW bike lineup.

However, there is a hype in Pakistan about the launch of BMW motorcycles. But unfortunately, there are no confirmed reports yet as to which motorbikes will be at the launch.

Some sources speculate that the German automaker will sell smaller displacement motorcycles in Pakistan, like the 310 series and 400 series bikes.

These motorcycles will enter the Pakistani market as Complete Built-up Units (CBU). Therefore, these BMW vehicles will be twice as expensive in Pakistan.

Due to their extravagant price tag in even the ‘non-import’ markets, the BMW motorbikes will target a small niche of enthusiasts with adequate purchasing power.
BMW is all set to launch its Motorcycles in Pakistan
Regardless, the presence of BMW Motorrad in the Pakistani market is a positive development for the country’s motorcycle industry. The news is likely to attract other foreign brands to consider expanding to the Pakistani market.

Pakistan’s Wheeler Market

Moreover, the sale and production of 2/3 wheelers have also increased in Pakistan, despite the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), 170,964 2/3 wheelers were produced and 175,294 were sold in October 2020.

BMW is all set to launch its Motorcycles in Pakistan
In terms of pricing and affordability, the BMW motorcycles are expected to be at least two times more expensive in Pakistan than their local markets because of taxes and duties. Hence, only a target niche could afford the BMW Motorrad in Pakistan.

Following BMW, as it moves ahead with its motorbike launch. It’s likely to be that many other popular foreign brands will show their interest in Pakistan’s auto market.

In the past year, particularly in the sedan and SUV segment, many vehicles have been launched in the country. KIA’s Sportage and Hyundai’s Tucson have dominated the SUV market while Yaris by Toyota has also generated some sales.

Let’s see if BMW, with its motorbikes, can generate as much interest as KIA and Hyundai did with their flagship SUVs.

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