Blood Plasma Donation Becomes Twisted Business As Donors Start Selling It For Huge Amounts


Now Reading: Blood Plasma Donation Becomes Twisted Business As Donors Start Selling It For Huge Amounts

It is no secret that the coronavirus is spreading in Pakistan at an extremely fast rate. Over a hundred thousand cases have emerged so far in the country and many prominent figures have been infected with the virus. Former captain Shahid Afridi just tested positive for the virus too (Read about it here). Amidst such a crisis, it looks like people are not letting up their chance to make profit off the pandemic.

So far, the deadly viral infection has no approved vaccine or treatment but one thing that has proven useful is ‘plasma therapy’. Naturally, doctors are relying on said technique and using Convalescent Plasma (CP) collected from people who have recovered from COVID-19, to treat other patients suffering from the virus as the recovered patients have antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These antibodies from recovered patients can also greatly help other the patients fight the infection. As such, people have started asking for donations for their friends and loved ones to help them fight the virus.


Blood Plasma Donation Turns Into A Twisted Business

Sadly, taking advantage of the situation, many people have started charging unthinkable amounts to “donate” even one bag of plasma. They are exploiting such people in urgent need of a donor for their own profit. Such cases have arisen from throughout the country where people are forced to pay massive amounts because people have turned a noble act into a source of income. As mentioned by a twitter user, this business is being run by people who have previously fought the virus themselves. Coming from the suffering, they should be the first ones to show empathy to the patients but instead are becoming the cause of suffering for others.

Some folks have also started mentioning Prime Minister Imran Khan, informing him of what’s happening. They are telling him to hold the people doing such acts accountable as he is responsible for the country.


There are also those who are selling Actrema injections in black for massive sums of cash as well.

Unfortunately, this is not the first instance of people taking advantage of the virus to make money. In the beginning of the outbreak, there was a rapid increase in the prices of protective masks and such too..

What people should have done as a matter of Farz-e-Kafaya and Sadqa-e-Jariya, they are doing to rip people off. They are further stipulating families to pay unfair amounts for their loved ones. How they can let this guilt stay on their conscience is beyond us. One can now only pray and hope that God guides this nation!

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