Billion Tree Tsunami: Honey Production Rises By 70%

Billion Tree Tsunami: Honey Production Rises By 70%


Now Reading – Billion Tree Tsunami: Honey Production Rises By 70%

Our Earth was created, as scientists suggest, more than 4 billion years ago. And the last hundred years of mankind are merely a fraction of a fraction in that timeline – maybe one second. Still, as unimaginable as it may sound, human beings have damaged this planet in this one second more than the entire history of its existence. Thanks to deforestation, pollution and urbanization, our planet has been surviving at the edge.

Keeping in mind the critical percentage of forests and trees being reduced drastically covering the entire Earth, Prime Minister Imran Khan took an initiative to plant more than a billion trees in Pakistan. This project was termed as the Billion Tree Tsunami and was applauded by international community. As it seems now, PM Imran Khan’s vision has proved to be fruitful and Pakistan is reaping its pleasures now a 70% increment in national honey production.

Increased Honey Production Due To Billion Tree Tsunami

According to reports, a 70% increase in the local production of honey has been recorded as a direct result of the Billion Tree Tsunami project. Because of the plantation of new trees especially in Changa Manga, world’s first artificial forest, honey-bees have inhabited the place by mass and have resulted in a great increase production of honey.

In 2016, the beehives were auctioned at the final price of Rs. 729,000. But now, with the advent of new trees and a greater number of beehives, they have been auctioned at around Rs. 1.3 million. It is expected that if PM Imran Khan’s project is continued without politics and obstructions, the beehives can potentially reach an astounding auction price of Rs. 10 million in the near future.

Billion Tree Tsunami: Honey Production Rises By 70%
New Trees Planted In Accordance with Billion Tree Tsunami Project In Changa Manga

Statistics shared by the government of Pakistan state that about 400 tonnes of honey is imported from other countries into Pakistan and this number is not even the 2% of total national consumption. In this context, such a great rise in honey production at a local level can alleviate a lot of financial burden from Pakistan’s treasury.

What do the locals say?

People located in the neighborhood of Changa Manga Forest, especially those who are affiliated with agriculture, know no bounds to their joy. They are extremely thankful to the present government in taking adequate steps and bringing strict legislation against deforestation.

According to a local, trees were being brutally cut down for their wood by industrial maniacs and poachers who were oblivious of the fact that they were destroying a habitat for a lot of species. Honeybees used to find less areas to form their hives whereas due to incessant cutting of trees, flowers were also found scarcely.

Billion Tree Tsunami: Honey Production Rises By 70%

This had also become a reason for an increase in the companies selling processed honey. As the wild honeybees did not have proper habitat and were seen dying due to excessive use of pesticides, the number of artificial honey farms increased dramatically. To this day, many people can be seen selling fake honey near Changa Manga.

Expected Benefits of the Billion Tree Tsunami Project

It is being hoped that PM Imran Khan’s initiative will result in a great number of positive changes for Pakistan. The leading one being the 1% increase in the total number of forests covering the land of Pakistan. Pakistan currently has a forest area of 1.9% which is critically less than the recommended of at least 30% in a country.

Billion Tree Tsunami: Honey Production Rises By 70%

In the next decade, if Pakistan continues the afforestation programs at a healthy rate, the forest area percentage can jump to 5-6% which will be an enormous improvement.

Let’s hope that future governments take apt steps and do not forget the significance of preservation of nature.


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