Bhai Hazir Hai – Ali Zafar’s New PSL 2020 Anthem [First look]


Bhai Hazir Hai – Ali Zafar just dropped the first look for his PSL anthem 2020. This came about after the request of the fans as, reportedly, the official PSL anthem was a disappointment this year.

On Saturday, the singer took to his social media to share the first look of the upcoming song. The newly revealed title of the song is “Mela Loot Liya”. Ali Zafar wrote on the social media message; “Kataazzzz! Ye lo first look phainka! #bhaeehazirhai #melalootliya”. Inscribed on the first-look poster, there were the words “ODE TO THE FANS – COMING SOON #bhaeehazirhay”

Found with the release of the poster, was also a video showcasing the song’s first look. It showed the video-making process of the anthem as well as some other dance clips..

The singer addressed the Pakistani people on his Youtube and social media accounts on Friday. He told that he has received overwhelming support from the fans, whom he had previously asked to send him their dancing videos to become part of his PSL song. Even Ali Azmat, who supposedly had a feud with the singer, said that he is going to send Ali Zafar his own video recording.

Furthermore, Ali Zafar said that his Gmail account crashed due to the sheer number of emails he received during the last few days and that he will not sleep till the song is ready.

Revealing the date, Ali Zafar said that the new anthem is expected to be released this Sunday evening. 😍

Expectations Of The People

There are extremely high expectations for Ali’s new song, more so because of his unforgettable song for the very first Pakistan Super League (PSL). The credit for this high anticipation also goes to the singer’s marvelous career throughout the years.

Moreover, the country came together to make this song, with a huge number of people sending in exceptional dance clips for the song’s video as well;

Now all eyes are on Ali Zafar as he is going to release the new song on Sunday evening. Hopefully, this new PSL anthem makes the fans forget their disappointment of the official PSL anthem and more!


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