Beenish- A Pakistani Transgender Dies From Multiple Gunshot Wounds In Islamabad

Beenish- A Pakistani Transgender Dies From Multiple Gunshot Wounds In Islamabad


It is quite hard to imagine how people can be such inhumane, cruel, and savage.

On Sunday, a group of unidentified people shot a transgender named Beenish multiple times.

This heart-wrenching incident took place at Sector E-11 Islamabad. Beenish a transgender died after gunshot wounds. A group of unidentified people killed her at her place. The reason why they killed her is not yet known but it’s terrible that transgenders are not safe at their places now.

No Legal actions are taken yet

Shooting any living being multiple times and leaving her alone for her last breaths is quite upsetting right?

On the other hand, guess what our system will never stop surprising us. That is to say, no FIR and any news from the police department is heard yet. Even they didn’t bother to investigate this matter.

However, the transgender community is facing continuous discrimination. From day one their own parents and family disown them and treat them worst than animals.

Transgender all over the country are not safe

This is not the first time that we heard such devastating news about transgender.

Earlier this year, a 15-year-old Christian transgender was gang-raped and murdered. Another transgender woman was killed when she didn’t show them a note of Rs 1000. She was there to dance but ends up dead.

Meanwhile, many social media users are showing heir condolence and concerns about the safety of the transgender community.



Pakistan’s Law and Transgender

Pakistani law includes provisions to protect the rights of transgender people. In 2009, Pakistan’s Supreme Court, like other courts in South Asia, called on all provincial governments to recognize the rights of transgender people. The judgment specifically called for improved police responses to cases involving transgender people, and to ensure the rights of transgender people. 

The federal authorities should undertake prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations into the recent attacks on transgender people, and appropriately prosecute the murderers. The government should also ensure that local officials, medical workers, and police respect transgender people’s rights.

This incident is tragic indeed. The culprits need to be brought to justice. RIP Beenish

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