You Can Now Become A Pilot In Just A Day

You Can Now Become A Pilot In Just A Day


Currently Reading: You Can Now Become A Pilot In Just A Day

Becoming a pilot is an ambition we all have had in our childhoods. The concept of soaring free above the clouds with such high speeds has been mesmerizing minds since its early practical manifestation. Childhoods aside, some of us actually want to pursue the profession seriously. It is quite unfortunate that in Pakistan there is not much awareness about this career and the expense to become a pilot kills hopes for many.

Sky Wings Aviation has stepped forward with a really interesting initiative to give the general public a quick taste of what it is like to become a pilot. You can now become a pilot in just a day, thanks to the company’s plan to launch an introductory training crash course.

Kick-start Your Career

If you want to pursue a career in commercial aviation, Sky Wings Aviation has something extremely useful for you. The company is offering everyone with an F.Sc qualification to sign up for an ‘introductory crash course’ that will touch all the critical and core aspects of becoming an actual pilot. The candidates will be familiarized with aircrafts and flying mechanisms.

You Can Now Become A Pilot In Just A Day

The training course will enable the candidates to decide for themselves if they want to sign up for professional license training program which is much more elaborate. This training course will basically give a crude idea to the willing candidates whether their interests are compatible to what the profession has to offer.


The willing participants will undergo a standard medical check up in order to ensure a threshold medical fitness level for the program. In addition, the minimum level of education required for eligibility is F.Sc or equivalent qualification. Registration and documentation process will be carried out by a deadline which is yet to be announced.

In case the participants decide to enroll themselves in the professional license training program, they will have to submit applications.

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