Babar Azam Controversy as Woman Accuses Him of Sexual Violence


Now Reading: Babar Azam Controversy as Woman Accuses Him of Sexual Violence

The #MeToo movement has taken its ground everywhere in the world. With big celebrities to familiar people being exposed by victims of their harassment and abuse, one can’t be sure if their friends are even good people anymore. And while it is true that sexual assault is a very serious issue, the fact that many innocent people have become victim to false accusations in such cases, having their lives and careers ruined, is true too.

Though, all that aside, the latest installment in a celebrity being accused of sexual misconduct involves Pakistan Cricket Team’s Captain – Babar Azam. A woman hailing from Lahore has come forward and levelled violence and sexual abuse allegations against Babar. Speaking at a press conference in Lahore, she has claimed that not only did he blackmail her, but they had also fornicated with her consent, going back as long as 10 years about the history between them.

Hamiza Mukhtar, a woman who claims to be a former neighbor and class-fellow of the National Cricket Team’s Captain, approached a Lahore’s Sessions court for registration of a case against the Pakistani skipper, claiming that she has been exploited by him for almost ten years. She delved into details about how she got tricked and taken advantage of. Hamiza put serious accusations of assault and abuse on the cricketer.

Illicit Relations as Teenagers

“We had fallen in love,” said the complainant. Hamiza claimed that the two had illicit relations when Babar was 16 years old, and when she got pregnant, the cricketer had forced her for an abortion and consoled her with promises of marrying her, which he didn’t fulfill. She implored the court that then, she approached the police when she felt that Babar was betraying her, attaching medical documents as “proof” with the petition to prove her abortion and illicit relations with the cricketer.

The petitioner also added that she had approached Naseerabad Police to register the FIR against Azam. Following this, the national cricket team captain assured her that he will marry her, she revealed. Hamiza went on to state that this series of events had resolved the matter between them, at least then. The accuser stated that she had supported Babar before his popularity and that she had a role in making Babar the cricketer that he is.

She further claimed that Azam has been ignoring her ever since he became famous and has now refused to marry her. The petitioner further claimed that she had once again approached the police to register the FIR against Babar, but they downright appeared reluctant. On this ‘reluctance’, the judge, Nauman Muhammad, has sought a reply from the concerned police officials by December 4. The sexual harassment case will be heard on December 5.


Public’s Response

While Babar Azam has given no official statement on the matter, the Public’s response in this matter seems to be in favor of the Pakistan Cricket Team Captain, very contrary to usual cases of this nature. People are labelling the accusations as made up and false, especially since previous accusations by the same lady were unproven and ended with an apology to Babar.

The main talking point of the case is Babar’s age at the time that the accuser is claiming their ‘relationship’ took place. Captain Azam was only 16 years old at that time, making the allegations even more unbelievable as Babar wasn’t well off at that age either. Some even brought up the childish looking image of Babar at the age of 16, supporting him.

A very negligible minority is in support of the girl but from the majority, Captain Babar looks to have full support.

Fake allegations can potentially ruin a celebrity’s life and career, as we got to see with the Amber Heard – Johnny Depp case so they are very dangerous. One can only hope a time comes when such cases stop popping up as it not only hurts innocent men, it also harms other victims who others might not believe true allegations due to the false ones floating around.


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