Azaan Was Called Out Of Hagia Sophia After 95 Years

Azaan Was Called Out Of Hagia Sophia After 95 Years


News Today: Azaan Called Out Of Hagia Sophia After 95 Years

Muslims around the world are celebrating the conversion of the Hagia Sophia museum back into a mosque. This controversial marvel of architecture and rich history has long been tossed between different political and religious claims from around the world. The Hagia Sophia was constructed as a church by the Byzantine Empire about 1500 years ago but after the conquest by the Ottoman Empire, the Muslim rulers converted the church into a mosque for Muslims and it stayed that way for a long period of time. However, in 1934 when Turkey fell to ashes and the entire world dominated Muslim heritage, the mosque was converted into a museum, considering its significant history. However, thanks to president of Turkey Erdogan, the country has officially changed the status of the museum back to mosque, defying UNESCO’s unjust rules.

Moment Of Pride For All Muslims

This surely is a spectacular feat for Muslims in these times. Especially when majority of the Muslims are being oppressed and not being allowed to practice their religion freely in areas like Kashmir, Syria, Yemen, Ghaza and many more. The Turkish president stood firm against all international bodies who only care to object and demean when Muslims demand their rights. Thanks to the effort of Turkey, azaan was called out of Hagia Sophia after 95 years. Many Turkish citizens gathered around the mosque in order to listen and witness the historic and soulful moment.

Azaan Was Called Out Of Hagia Sophia After 95 Years

The decree was signed by the Turkish president himself on Friday and the mosque was opened for Muslims to offer prayer with immediate effect. The Turkish president also vowed that he will make sure to release Jerusalem from the unrighteous charge of Israeli forces and the criminal peace keepers of the world will observe him in doing so.

More power to Teyyeb Erdogan.

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