Automakers Displeased with the Government’s Move to Set New Automobile Standards


Now Reading: Automakers Displeased with the Government’s Move to Set New Automobile Standards

It looks like the Automobile Manufacturers in Pakistan have gotten their feathers ruffled as reportedly, they are displeased by the government’s move to set new automobile standards in the country. These reports come as a letter has been sent to the Ministry of Industries by the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), expressing their dismay against these standards.

Just when it was looking like it would be smooth sailing for Pakistan’s automobile sector, what with electric vehicles arriving on the country’s roads later this year as well as setting up of new automobile standards for the auto manufacturers, it seems like some aren’t going to let things go as smoothly as once though.

Earlier in the year, Federal Minister for Science and Technology – Fawad Chaudhry – had called for a meeting of the All Pakistan Automobiles Association and all the concerned stakeholders to discuss the reforming of the sector’s standards. As per reports back then, the meeting didn’t turn out so good and the manufacturers completely opposed the move for setting up of new standards.

Now recently, the Minister answered a question on twitter regarding the “deteriorating quality standards” in the automobile sector. This time, the Minister stated that the ‘new standards’ are INDEED going to be sent to the cabinet for approval despite ‘obstacles’ that came in the way and that he always manages to accomplish what he sets out to do.

PAMA Expresses Dismay Against the Minister’s Tweets

PAMA has stated that the establishment of ‘local standards’ was opposed in the aforementioned meeting and contrary to what the Minister’s tweets imply, the automakers have been actively asking the government to enforce the international standards that are already a part of internationally prevailing auto policy.

Reportedly, the automakers are not on the same page with the Minister as they are expressing their concerns over the minister’s “hollow claims”. They are of the opinion that Fawad Chaudhry’s proposed ‘national standards’ for manufacturing vehicles locally are “a mere list of international regulations, without facilities and implementing mechanism.”


PAMA expressed that they are displeased against Fawad Chaudhry’s tweets in a letter sent to the Ministry of Industries. The Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association stated that this dismay is because they gave off a notion that PAMA had opposed the setting up of international standards for the sector. Reportedly, the statement in the letter was along these lines;

A tweet is yet again out from Minister Fawad that despite opposition, automobile standards have been formulated and shall be placed before the cabinet soon. Being the concerned party in the matter, we are appalled at the embarrassing notoriety that has been brought to the subject matter by discussing the same in the media, so often, portraying a victory against a so-called opposition. And the irony is, what is being presented is contrary to the facts.

“PSQCA ill-equipped to ensure International Standards”

PAMA further put the blame of the Ministry of Science and Technology, saying that the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) itself is ill-equipped to live up to international standards. ”Besides PSQCA, the top government institution authorized to dispense and administer the standards, is in a dilapidated state in terms of infrastructure and manpower,” PAMA added.

The association concluded that the government should first be focusing on developing measures to enforce the abidance of international regulations by all the involved parties instead of making up local standards to be followed by the automobile industry.


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