Audit Revealed Corruption Of Rs. 270 Billion In Government Ministries

Audit Revealed Corruption Of Rs.270 Billion In Government Ministries


News Today: Audit Revealed Corruption Of Rs.270 Billion In Government Ministries

PTI as a political party has always stressed on the fact that corruption is one of the worst things that can happen with a country. PM Imran Khan in his speeches has always ridiculed the notorious corrupt mafia of Pakistan who have wiped off any hope of development in the last three decades. However, now an audit report has been revealed by government institutions telling a potentially horrifying reality, that PTI government is in no sort a party with a constructive perspective, rather a bunch of typical gerontocrats whose intention is no different than looting the already burdened common man. Audit revealed corruption of Rs.270 Billion in government ministries, about 40 of them including several departments.

The Audit Report

The Auditor General of Pakistan issued the audit report of 40 ministries of the PTI government for the year 2019-20. It has been revealed in the report that a shocking extent of irregularity has been identified in government departments and institutions. Fake receipts and deceptive numbers have added to a total of more than Rs. 12 billion. It also stated that the recovery cases of Rs. 79.59 billion in federal ministries were identified and a record of Rs. 17.96 billion was not provided to the auditor general of Pakistan by government departments in the first place.

Audit Revealed Corruption Of Rs. 270 Billion In Government Ministries

The opposition has always been seen blaming PTI government for its inability and inadequacy of technical knowledge to actually run the country in an effective way. And this might very well be the case, as suggested by the Auditor General. It has been revealed in the report that due to poor financial management, the country has had to bear an irregularity of more than Rs. 152.2 Billion. This massive chunk of a money is by all definitions lost at the hands of some filthy mafia because of corruption. Weak internal controls have cost about Rs. 8.89 Billion. 

Recommendations By The Auditor General

The Auditor General in his report has suggested to revoke all access to government departments when it comes to finance consumption. He suggested that the departments should need to request parliament when they need their funds and if the parliament approves of their demands, funds will be issued. In this way all transactions would stay in sight and even the slightest of irregularity would be detected. The Auditor General has always requested the government to not ask government agencies to investigate this corruption case as it might very well be biased.

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