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Asim Azhar’s “Tum Tum” Has Sparked Controversy On The Internet


News Today:ย Asim Azhar’s “Tum Tum” Has Sparked Controversy On The Internet

Asim Azhar had teased the release of his new song just a while ago. Back then, his teaser went viral and received a mixed public reaction because of the fact that Areeka Haq was a part of his project. Not just a part, rather the female main artist in the music video. Areeka Haq being a famous TikTok artist was heavily criticized back then too because people were of the view that there were many more much talented and more deserving artists who deserved to get a chunk of fame rather than a notorious personality famous for not doing much.

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And now when the project has finally been released in all its glory, Asim Azhar’s “Tum Tum” has sparked controversy on the internet. A lot of people are absolutely bashing it around social media with negative views, not only because of Areeka Haq but because of an overall bad production with no concrete concept.

“Tum Tum” By Asim Azhar And Team

The song itself focuses mainly on today’s materialistic world where relationships have long lost their value. The song tries to portray a love story which in fact fails following the fact that the world around the Asim has become a slave to materialistic ground and malicious intentions. The song was in a way embellished by Talha Anjum and Talha Younus, and that is the only part of the entire song where Pakistanis are not leaving any criticism. In addition, the very talented and classy Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooro was also made a part of the project, but in a trivial way which has disappointed a lot of his fans who know about his actual potential.

Hania Amir also made a guest entrance in the song and by now we all know Asim Azhar and Hania Amir share a chemistry. People, however, are trolling Hania Amir for being a useless entity and not contributing to anything in the project. It all comes down to Asim Azhar for who he wants to star in his video.

Twitter Is Full Of Memes

Soon after the release of the song on YouTube, it became one of the top trends on Twitter. And we all know what comes when that happens in Pakistan. Memes.

These sure are hilarious, but people should also avoid unnecessary criticism and pursue constructive feedback.

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