Asim Azhar And Areeka Haq Are Working Together

Asim Azhar And Areeka Haq Are Working Together


News Today: Asim Azhar And Areeka Haq Are Working Together

Instagram almost broke when Asim Azhar tweeted a photo of himself with TikTok star Areeka Haq. When his fans saw that Asim Azhar and Areeka Haq are working together, Asim received a mixed public reaction. Not everyone was full of praise for his idea. He did not put a lot of detail out there on what was actually going on and just tagged Areeka Haq’s official Instagram handle. But the picture seems to appear of a studio set with proper ambience, and this has led many people to theorize that both artists are indeed working on some music project.

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Why Areeka Haq?

This is has become the most asked question on Asim’s entire Instagram feed. People are curious over why Asim Azhar opted to work with a TikTok star Areeka Haq despite having a tonne o other options who are more professional and well-known for their work. However, Pakistani people sometimes forget that it is better to take things lightly sometimes and not criticize someone without a reason. If an artist opts to work with another artist, it is completely upto his/her will and consent.

And people might be forgetting the fact that Areeka Haq is no joke when it comes to stardom and fanbase. She is the first ever digital social media entity who has crossed 1 million followers on Instagram. And her statistics on TikTok are unreal. She has more than 5.3 million fans on TikTok alone. Even if you are not a fan of TikTok as a social media platform, you cannot deny the impact of her personality on the platform.

Asim Azhar And Areeka Haq Are Working Together

Asim Azhar’s Future Endeavors

Asim Azhar is famous for his ambitious nature and hard work and immense success at such a young age. Many celebrities in the entertainment industry are full of praise for this lad because he has made his way to the top without leg pulling.

Asim Azhar has requested his fans to look out in the next few days because he has a lot of new projects coming very soon.


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