Asia's Biggest children eye hospital to be open in Islamabad

Asia’s Biggest children eye hospital to be open in Islamabad


Islamabad is all set to build Asia’s biggest children’s eye hospital. The leading eye trust Al-Shifa announced that the hospital’s establishment will cost approximately Rs. 1 billion. Moreover, the hospital will have a treating capacity of 150,000 children annually.

While briefing to media President Al-Shifa Trust Maj. Gen. (Retd) Rehmat Khan said

“The project is in the final stage at the premises of Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Rawalpindi which will have a capacity to cater to the needs of 500 OPD patients per day.”

Subsequently, he talks about the eye problems of school-going children. He said that their data regarding school screening shows that

“20 percent of children have some sort of eye problems while 5 percent have severe eye disorders.”

He said that trust is constructing the first children’s eye hospital in the country. Certainly, with a capacity of 500 OPDs and fifty complicated surgeries would be performed in a day.

Rehmat Khan said that we have 13 eye specialist doctors while the required strength is 16 total. All the necessary equipment has been purchased and the children’s hospital has been linked with the operation rooms of the main hospital.

An Eye Hospital- A real Need

He said that eye screening for the children should be mandatory as a lack of awareness creates a lot of problems in the children as they grow.

Babies should be able to see in terms of focusing ability, color vision, and depth perception by 6 months of age. Therefore they should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months.

Consequently, their eyes should be examined at age 3 and just before they enter the school as our future is linked to children, he said.

Premature babies need to be examined right after birth. By doing a timely action, the problem can be prevented on time.

He informed that school-aged children should have an eye exam at least every two years. In the case of, if no vision correction is required. Children who need eyeglasses should be examined annually or as recommended by the eye doctor.

Till now, we have been able to treat more than six million patients in the OPDs. Besides this, more than 600,000 surgeries have been performed in the hospitals run by the trust at Rawalpindi, Kohat, Sukkar, and Muzafarabad.

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