Asad Umar feared that lockdown could leave 18 million unemployed in Pakistan


Coronavirus News: Pakistan’s Planning and Development minister, Asad Umar, alarmed that the lockdown to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic could result in the loss of about 18 million jobs in the country.


In a press briefing at the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) on COVID-19, he said:

“According to the calculations of the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics [PIDE], between 20 million and 70 million people in the country might fall below the poverty line.”

Umar explained the estimated calculations of people dying due to Coronavirus by saying “From the last six days, the average death rate due to the virus is 24 people per day. In this manner, at the month-end, estimated deaths will be around 720 people.”


“Around 4,000 people died in road accidents in the country every month, but we still allow vehicles on the roads. The reason is their need far outweighs the risk of these accidents,” he continued.

Asad claimed that experts cited various reasons for the difference. Including the difference in weather and the level of immunization among others for the BCG vaccine.



While talking to media, Asad compared the condition of the COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan with other countries.

Moreover, the minister compiled statistics for the first 46 days per million people in each country.

“The virus was not as deadly in Pakistan as it was in the United States and European countries”.

Likewise, Last month The Punjab Planning and Development Board (P&D) estimates that 11.2 million people could lose their jobs if the provincial government imposes a complete lockdown to deal with the Coronavirus epidemic.

Whereas, the complete lockdown could add 18.65 million jobless across the country and 11.2 million in Punjab alone.


The planning and Development Minister, after analyzing the whole situation feared that this pandemic may ruin hundreds of small businesses.


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