ARY’s Islamabad office sealed after 8 employees test positive for Coronavirus


Islamabad: Pakistan has seen an increase in the number of cases of COVID-19. This dramatic increase in cases is the result of a lack of precautionary measures. Meanwhile, the government has eased the lockdown, which causes 80% of cases transferred locally.

ARY’s Islamabad closed after 8 employees tested positive for Coronavirus. A total of 20 tests were performed by the administration as the precautionary measures, from which 8 were tested positive.


Salman Iqbal, the owner of ARY Digital Network uses his Twitter handle to announce this news.

He further informs that office will re-open after proper cleaning and sanitizing. Moreover, staff should stay home and work remotely until further notice.

ARY’s credibility is a question mark now

It is quite shocking how a leading Network can show such an irresponsible attitude towards its employees?

ARY had earlier claimed that it had directed most of its staff to work remotely and only required staff to come to the offices. However, recent news on the matter has raised doubts about his honesty. Certainly, this incident has harmed ARY’s image.

COVID-19 Cases in other news networks

Besides ARY, other news network’s employees have also been tested positive. Earlier, Hum News employees in Islamabad were also assessed in COVID-19. While in Lahore, there are also reports of Coronavirus spreading among the employees of City 42 news.

Furthermore, it’s time for all media houses to review their strategies and SOP for some necessary amendments. The duty of the management includes providing proper kits for those who are working in fields and clean sanitized offices for the employees whose presence seems necessary.

It is an eye-opener for the government to take some strict measures. The lives of journalists, doctors, and other defense forces are already at stake. The relaxation in a lockdown might bring the nation to the naught.


Do you think work from home is way out to curb the spread of the COVID-19? Let us know in the comment section!

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