Armed Forces Suggest a 20% Pay Raise in the Upcoming Budget


A 20 per cent increase in salaries has been suggested by the Armed Forces for the financial year of 2020-21. The suggestion was made after keeping in consideration the recent devaluation of rupee and the consequent impact on consumer price index (CPI), along with an increase in utility bills and the escalating inflation.

The Joint Staff Headquarters (JQH) has made the suggestion for AT LEAST a 20 per cent hike in salaries of staff and officers. The Defense Ministry put forward this notion through a letter which was forwarded to the Finance Division. This is projected to have a total impact of 63 billion rupees on the national kitty (pension).

Increments In The Previous Year

The letter also mentioned that in the last year, credited to the depreciating financial situation of the country, the overall pay raise was negligible. Officers up to the rank of brigadier (Basic Pay Scale 17-20) received only a meager 5 per cent increase.

Similarly, the Junior commissioned officers (JCOs)/soldiers (BPS 1-15) were awarded a 10 per cent Adhoc Relief, whereas General Officers (BPS 21-22) received no raise. Even the Adhoc relief was rendered negligible by the enhanced income tax policy as it bound officers to pay ADDITIONAL income tax on their salaries.

Taking all the above mentioned factors in to account, this suggestion has been forwarded to the Defense Ministry, after the approval of the Joint Chief of Staff Committee of course. The Defense Ministry was then tasked with taking up the matter with the Finance Ministry.

Reportedly, the Defense Ministry has also suggested to combine the Adhoc relief allowance for the last four years i.e. 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 in the basic pay scale (BPS).

According to finance experts, the suggested 20 per cent raise in salaries and pensions of all the employees, civilians and armed forces alike, is projected to have an impact as massive as 150 to 200 billion rupees in total in the upcoming budget.

Do you think that the armed forces of Pakistan deserve this raise for all they do or are they undeserving of it? Tell us your thoughts on why in both cases in the comment section below!


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