Apple Just Launched The Most Affordable iPhone To Date

Apple Just Launched The Most Affordable iPhone To Date


Apple Just Launched The Most Affordable iPhone To Date

When one is looking for some affordable mobile phones, an iPhone is not even an option. Most people just do not like to pay double for hardware that gets obsolete in an year or two. Due to this very reason, the Android market has always taken the lead when it comes to putting out reliant yet affordable mobile phones.

But, as it seems, Apple might have just turned the tables. The multi-billion dollar firm has come up with a new device launch. This time, they are calling it the iPhone SE 2020. The unreal thing about it is its price point. A mere $400 for a brand new iPhone SE 2020? That sounds like a huge rip off – fortunately it is very true.

iPhone SE 2020: The Most Affordable iPhone To Date

Apple just launched its most affordable iPhone to date and to be very honest, it is just very hard to believe what we are getting for such an economical price tag. This new iPhone is basically an iPhone 8 in its design and layout and an iPhone XR when it comes to the camera. This new updated version is an interesting combination of previous iPhone editions – with the internals being similar to that of iPhone 11. There is a wide variety of colors in which this model is available including red, black and white.

Apple Just Launched The Most Affordable iPhone To Date

The Looks

By the looks of it, iPhone SE 2020 uses the mainframe of an iPhone 8 but is very sleek in its design. Sticking to the not-fullscreen display model, this one also has the signature round button in the bottom center. With a 4.7 inch Retina IPS LCD made from robust bezel glass, this model ensures a great visual experience while being immune to accidental encounters.

Apple Just Launched The Most Affordable iPhone To Date

At the back, there is that extraordinary camera lens with a powerful LED. The camera is equipped with the very latest technology, to be discussed later in this article.

Computing Power and Storage

Apple does not play around when it comes to processing power. This model also uses the latest A13 Bionic Chipset with 8.5 billion transistors for the main part, which is basically being used in the iPhone 11. This bionic chip has blown away the android processors with its exceptional computing power and speeds. The A13 chipset has failed to not produce a new benchmark anywhere it has been tested.

Apple Just Launched The Most Affordable iPhone To Date

There are 3 storage ranges being offered by Apple at the moment. The SE 2020 is available with 64GB, 128 GB and 256GB storage capacities all varying slightly at their price. The sheer power this thing has to offer alone justifies the $400.

Camera Technology

Equipped with the new monocular depth sensing technology, the main mono-lens back camera offers a mind-blowing experience with 12 megapixels of decent resolution. This camera can easily record in 4k at a maximum of 60 frames per second along with stabilization.

Apple Just Launched The Most Affordable iPhone To Date

The front camera offers about 7 megapixels of resolution, not the best there is but definitely is better than most android results out there.


iPhone SE 2020 offers an anticipated sustainable battery life but the total capacity cannot be confirmed because Apple did not reveal the details. By default, it comes with a 5W charging support. But this model is compatible with the 18W fast charging module which can power this beauty upto 50% from 0% in a matter of 30 mins.

Is The New iPhone SE 2020 Worth It?

Is that even a question?


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