Apple Forced to Include Charger with All iPhones in Brazil


Now Reading: Apple Forced to Include Charger with All iPhones in Brazil

Apple has been in hot water ever since its iPhone 12 reveal where it took the risky decision of removing the charger and Ear-Pods from the new iPhone boxes. It makes it so when you buy a new iPhone now, you get only the iPhone itself and the lightning cable, that’s it. This was applicable to all the markets except only France, where the local laws make it so it is mandatory for smartphone companies to ship earphones with the phone units, including Apple.

Now, one more country adds to this list as Brazilian authorities have announced that Apple must ship the new iPhone units with a charger to the buyers of the country, making it the second instance of defiance against Apple’s new ‘initiative’ for ‘environment’. For the very first time, the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo has ordered Apple to start shipping the power brick in ALL the iPhone boxes.

This means the iPhone 12 series, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR, all will be including the unit, the lightning cable, and the power brick along with the phones. According to Folha de S.Paulo of the state, the court made this decision and the consumer protection agency of Sao Paulo — Procon-SP — cosigned it. The agency had notified Apple earlier in October to explain why it removed the power adapter from the iPhone retail box in the first place.


Why Did Apple Remove the Charger?

The company was asked by the Brazilian agency whether the company’s decision to remove the power brick will impact the customer experience and that it will actually benefit the environment, which is Apple’s claimed ‘reason’ for its removal. To this, Apple replied that most users already have a charger lying at their home. So, by removing the power brick, it will help reduce carbon emissions.

But much to Apple’s dismay, the Procon-SP of Brazil showed zero interest in this reply. It declared that Apple’s justification is not convincing enough to allow it to sell the iPhone without the charging brick. According to the agency, a charging brick is an extremely important part of the product usage and not including it with the main product is against the standards of the “Brazilian Consumer Defense Code”.

Not Enough Evidence for Apple’s Claims

Procon-SP has also said that Apple did not provide enough evidence that not including the charger with the iPhones is helping the environment in any means. The agency also said that the company has not stated that it will be offering the same technical support to its customers who would buy third-party chargers, the same as it does to the buyers of Apple chargers.


The concern is very much relevant as the charging cable Apple is shipping the new iPhones with uses USB-C standard on one side while Lightning on the other. This means that if you have an old iPhone charger including the cable, you will not have an issue. But, if  you are upgrading from older phones, you might need new power bricks as only a handful of mobile devices came with a USB-C port on the power adapter before.

The fact that is important to note here, however, is that for now, the order against Apple’s decision is applicable only to iPhone sales made in the Sao Paulo state of Brazil. However, the National Consumer Secretary of the country is pushing to enforce this order country-wide. This would make it so that Apple will be required to include the chargers in the iPhone boxes for sales in the entire country, as well as other places where Brazilian court orders are in effect.


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