Ansar Abbasi Is Being Bashed For Sexualising Women On Twitter

Ansar Abbasi is being bashed for Sexualising Women on Twitter


Currently Reading: Ansar Abbasi is being bashed For Sexualising Women On Twitter

Pakistan is precarious for women from each and every sector in society but the intolerance for women is seen going on war each passing day. Ansar Abbasi, a well known TV analyst, seemingly with vast knowledge of socio-political status of society and is also the editor in chief of a media cell recently tweeted ‘complaining’ about a women exercising on National TV. His tweet has sparked controversy and rage in the social media circle as he is seen portraying a woman who is working out as unacceptable. Ansar Abbasi is being bashed for sexualising women on Twitter as many ministers as well as netizens have addressed his tweet.

According to Ansar Abbasi the woman in this video is wearing fitted clothes which arouse provocative interests in people. He might not be aware of the fact that most TV shows on other media outlets have such TV shows. His pinpointing a certain aspect of the show on PTV has led many people to get infuriated over what he focuses on out of all things.

The journalist is generally seen talking about balanced society in which Islamic laws are practiced by both genders and the state. Until then he believes, Pakistan is doomed regardless of how much Western culture we introduce Pakistanis to.

Ansar Abbasi Is Being Bashed For Sexualising Women On Twitter

Women are bashing the analyst for having narrow minded thoughts regarding women. According to them, working out is a perfectly fine activity and must not be sexualised as women are already suffering from the worst.

Out of all politicians, Ch Fawad Hussain addressed the situation and bashed the analyst.

An important point to be noted is the fact that National Television is watched by mostly below middle class and less educated poor families who don’t have access to cable and internet streaming. An exercise segment for women is an important slot for those interested, but unfortunately our senior journalist can’t seem to agree.

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