An Urdu Mushaira was Held Outside Cannoli by Cafe Soul as a Protest


Now Reading: An Urdu Mushaira was Held Outside Cannoli by Café Soul as a Protest

It all started with the Cannoli restaurant owner’s mockery of its manager’s English-speaking skills and has gone a long way. What started with a terribly tone deaf video by the Islamabad based restaurant led to discussions about elitism, colonial hangovers, labor exploitation and class conflict in Pakistan. After the video went viral, social media users criticized the owner as well as launched a campaign to boycott the hotel.

Many people even took the time to identify those people, and some even linked their personal profiles, which caused one of the owners to deactivate her Facebook profile, as per claims made online.

Soon after this incident went viral, Shahbaz Taseer offered the manager Awais a job and announced on Twitter his intention to offer him work at his company. He also revealed later that his company spoke to him, put forth an offer, and awaited his response. But Awais, the manager, gave an interview in which he also termed it as a joke and said that he did not feel humiliated . But people were not satisfied and said that he seems to be under pressure.

After being bashed online, the restaurant owners finally took a moment and to talk about the incident and clarify their stance but not to apologize. They termed the conversation as a “gup-shup session” and friendly banter and were saddened by the reaction they got but unfortunately not for their behavior. They also said they don’t need to prove to anyone that they are kind employers.


Many people came out in support of the Urdu language and announced to hold a poetry session outside the café in Islamabad and created an event on Facebook.

Many thought that the announcement was just a prank but it was not! Well, at first a video went viral which people thought to be of the real event.  However it was just a prank. But from Saturday evening, young poets and others, mostly students, began to gather outside the eatery. Someone also devised a set of hilarious rules for the “Mushaira”.

Soon people started to share videos of the event on social media.

Now that the event is finished and people have vent out their feelings, we hope that the restaurant’s owners learn some lesson from all of this fiasco.

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