An 8 years old maid beaten to death for setting exotic parrots free by mistake

An 8 years old maid beaten to death for setting exotic parrots free by mistake


Rawalpindi: An 8-year-old maid was beaten to death for setting parrots free by mistake.

Hassan Siddiqui, apparently a man who works in buying and selling birds along with property business. He and his wife lost their control and beat their maid Zohra brutally.

Sources have affirmed that Zohra was their maid, who was specially hired for taking care of their son. Zohra belongs to the city of Muzaffarabad but employed in Rawalpindi by the couple through her uncle.

How all did happened?

According to the reports of police

“Zohra was cleaning the cage of the birds. Meanwhile, accidentally two of the exotic parrots found their way out and flew.”

When Hassan and his wife came to know all this they started beating this poor soul until she gets unconscious.

Police have reported that Hassan brings Zohra to the private hospital and disappeared right after handing her to the doctors. Although, at that time she was unconscious doctors provide her emergency treatment and shifted her to a ventilator as the last hope. Unfortunately, she didn’t survive the injuries and died the next day.


Medical reports claimed that “The marks of torture were all over her body but especially cheeks and thighs. Besides this, there were older marks of torture on her body that were not healed yet.”

However, The report also stated there were signs of injuries in her private parts, suggesting possible rape. Police are still investigating this matter of minor rape but nothing came from them yet.

Police officials told Later on Hassan confessed that he and his wife beat up the girl, who was working for them as a maid. 

The spokesperson said “Zohra shah was employed by the couple through her uncle on the conditions of giving her 3000Rs per month. Further, the couple promised to provide her with education and good life but apparently, nothing like that has happened.”

Cases of Domestic worker abuse in Pakistan

Zohra Shah is not the first girl who lost her life because her employee beats her to death. There are many cases in which employees in a fit of rage do not hesitate to take the life of poor souls.

A 16 years old Uzma Bibi’s body recovered from a canal after her employee beat her to death and dump her later on.

A 10-year-old Tayyaba was recovered from the house of a well-known judge after the consistent complaints of torture on her by their neighbors.

Certainly, the Employment of Children Act 2016 has restrictions of a sentence of five years for keeping an employee under the age of 16. The cases of violence are increasing day by day.


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