Amazon Forests Burning from 3 Weeks: How bad is it?


According to a report by BBC, more than 2500 fires are active in the Amazon right now. For those who don’t realise what it can do to earth, we must understand how much area we are talking about. The red area on the map of Latin America will clear your mind on the magnitude of the Amazon forest fire and the dire need of action.

Heat map amazon

Many things go and can come back but somethings go forever. Time is one of them and it seems like the inhabitants of Earth have very less of it. The main stream media and world governments are not paying much heed to the burning forest knowing that it can have irreparable damage to the planet. It’s worst than a fire in your backyard. Amazon Forests are also called as “The Lungs of Earth” as they provide 20% of the world’s total oxygen. If they are damaged the whole world is damaged directly.

People on social media are comparing the Notre-Dame Paris church fire and the public and mass media attention it got to the Amazon forest fire. It is also utterly disappointing that the Church building no doubt was a master piece of art, didn’t cause loss of lives. On the other hand, Amazon Forests are home to 3 million plants and species and over a million indigenous people.  The difference is we don’t get to build a new earth and bring back the ecosystem and human lives after it’s all gone.

The fire started with a little flare, but due to inattention of public and concerned authorities, it has spread over the whole Latin America. As some important organisations are urging the world to work towards, a resolve, the topic has started trending on the social media and news too, but that too after 3 weeks of ignorance. This means we have already lost around half a million trees.

WWF has tried to use the comparison to draw attention towards this havoc too.

The natives are also now contacting prominent people and WWF for help and information.

Emergency in Bolivia











People have started social media hashtags like #PrayForAmazonas and  others but no government level actions and emergency environment protection meetings are being held for an action plan. What’s worst? Many believe that the Brazil’s far-right president is responsible for the fires as of his pro-business policies. Since his election, people are more openly asking for clearing land and setting small fires but this is one of the most devastating ones in the history. It’s time we perceive that Amazon forest fire is a direct damage to the earth and threatens life on planet.

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