Giraffes in the Houses, Alligators in the Streets – What is happening in Karachi?


Now Reading: Giraffes in the Houses, Alligators in the Streets – What is happening in Karachi?

As wild of a year as 2020 has been so far, you would expect to have seen everything happen by now. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that, but boy does it keep getting wilder. Everyone knows that the year hasn’t been so kind to the country, even more so when it comes to Karachi. It looks like ‘bad’ didn’t cut it and now the focus has shifted to downright crazy stuff taking place.

From flooding at Nipa with kids swimming in it and people catching fishes at Gulshan-e-Maymar to snakes being seen near the city’s Hub to freaking Lions coming out at Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Karachi has seen some weird things throughout the year. The flies and locust storms in the entire city make it look like real life Jumanji now. As crazy as all this sounds, the weird stuff doesn’t stop just there. Oh no, in fact, its quite the opposite.

Heavy Flooding in Karachi

Alligators in the Streets of Karachi?! 😨

Now, the chaos and havoc caused by the urban flooding in the city has arose concerns for alligators being loose in the city. Rumors of the escaped alligators have started making rounds on social media. According to said rumors, they have escaped from the Mangho Pir shrine where over 200 crocodiles have lived for centuries and taken care of by the visitors to the shrine.

Following this, Member of National Assembly from PTI – Aamir Liaquat Hussain – has also shared a picture of an alligator, warning people. The MNA especially asked theresidents of Surjani Town, Khuda Ki Basti, and Nayi Karachi to stay cautious. It is important to note here though that the picture used by Liaquat is just for attention purposes and not a direct snap of a sighting.

Giraffes spotted at DHA Area 😐

Alligators roaming around in streets of the city just isn’t enough, is it? Looks like the residents have taken it upon themselves to keep the animals in their houses as well. Very recently, giraffes that should technically be out in the wild right now, were spotted at a residential area i.e. DHA in Karachi. Earlier, pictures were seen circulating on social media of two giraffes wandering in the garden of a house. People refused to believe it, thinking the image is photoshopped.

Well, turns out that the image wasn’t photoshopped and it was actually true. A family living in Defense Phase VI is really keeping a pair of giraffes at their house. Talking about it, the owners of the ‘pet giraffe’ were warned six to seven months ago to not keep it at a residential area and shift it to a farmhouse so there’s that. The wildlife department will be sending a fresh request to the owner to shift the animal from the residential area though.

Though it is absolutely crazy, the stuff that is going on in Karachi.

2020 is truly a wild year, isn’t it? Well, hopefully, the rest of the year has the good type of ‘wild’ in store for us and preferably, the crazy is nothing like this.

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