Allama Zameer refused to share his secret cure of COVID19- But Why?


Where doctors and scientists from all over the world are trying to find a cure for Coronavirus, there is only one person who has the cure for the Coronavirus.

Yes, you all are right; none other than Allam Zameer Akhtar Naqvi is the superhero of our nation who already has the cure of this contagious virus.

Every story has some twists and here our beloved Allama Sahab refused to share his secret cure of coronavirus because the public of Pakistan keeps trolling him on social media.



In the video, he also claims himself as a modern Aristotle and Socrates. He said the way people make fun of Aristotle and Socrates, in the same manner, people will troll him and due to this very reason, he refused to share his book of cure.

While discussing this deadly virus, Allama Zameer declared to know all about the virus including its origin, nature and most importantly the cure.

Although Mansoor Khan, the anchor tried to get the Zameer Naqvi to give the show away on his novel cure and knowledge of Coronavirus, he refused straight away because people are making fun of him and surely they will make fun of his discovery as well.

Besides this, he will only share his precious knowledge and cure with his love ones and with those who are his true followers and fans. Somehow it seems quite dangerous to go his Majlis while this pandemic virus. 

On the other hand, he only shares his cure when doctors and other high officials will call him for a meeting.

Allama Zameer shows his disgust towards the Pakistani nation by saying

“The public of Pakistan takes nothing seriously, they are being punished by police but they keep trolling the police and Army. Further, he won’t share his cure for Coronavirus for such non-serious people”


Allam Syed Zameer Akhtar Naqvi, who is a Pakistani Shia scholar, public speaker, and Urdu poet. He has been trolled extensively by the public on social media in recent times.

His memes went viral on social media after the story of Nepali people he had shared in one of his Majlis.



It is still not certain that Allama Sahab actually knows the cure of this pandemic. Maybe, it’s just a very childish way to seeks public attention in this crucial time.




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