AlKaram Textile Gets a 6-Year Export Order for a US Brand – Gap Inc.


Now Reading: AlKaram Textile Gets a 6-Year Export Order for US Brand – Gap Inc.

The leading player in Pakistan’s textile industry – AlKaram Textile Limited – has been awarded an order for a period of six years by the widely renowned American brand – Gap Inc. With this, Alkaram will be Pakistan’s first ever home textile company to enter foreign markets in the brand licensing space.

The Alkaram group was founded in March 1986, having a vision to be a provider of innovative textile solutions worldwide. As per AlKaram Textile Limited’s Managing Director, Fawad Anwar, the group are a manufacturer and supplier of distinguished fabric for apparel, home and industrial markets with clients all over the world. Apparently, the ability to create forward-thinking solutions that ‘give their clients a competitive advantage’ is what sets them apart from other groups.

Whatever the claims may be, it seems there is indeed truth to them as the company has signed a license for home textiles with brand Gap Inc. for all of North America and Mexico for six years, according to reports. With this, the possibility of the project opening doors for the same companies in the developed markets, as well as other producers of textiles based in Pakistan, is higher than ever.


Since these orders are going to receive both exports and handsome income inflows, the expansion of the local value chains could very well be benefitting from the fulfillment of such an order. This includes things like job generation and local business.

AlKaram Textile Mills has its headquarter located in Karachi. Having over 10,000 workers across all its branches, it generates a revenue of around $337.26 million annually. Therefore, it is no surprise that Alkaram was chosen for this contract out of all others in the industry.

As for the country’s textile industry itself, after having achieved almost 100 percent installed output level, it is undergoing a historic phase of expansion. By accepting orders from different international markets and setting up new production units, Textile manufacturers are providing massive new employment opportunities at the local level. This signing is bound to increase it even more!


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