Ali Zafar Offers to Pay Meesha Shafi’s Travel Cost to Pakistan


Now Reading: Ali Zafar Offers to Pay Meesha Shafi’s Travel Cost to Pakistan

In a dumbfounding twist to the Ali Zafar-Meesha Shafi legal fight, the singer/songwriter and actor, Ali Zafar, has offered to pay all of Meesha’s travel expenses from Canada to Pakistan. This comes after singer Meesha Shafi failed to make an appearance in front of the Sessions Court, Lahore for the hearings of the defamation suit filed against her despite of multiple postponements.

Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi have been locked in a major controversy ever since the latter publicly accused the former of sexual harassment on multiple occasions. Meesha Shafi – after the accusations – also initiated a #MeToo movement along with her friends against the legendary singer. This led to her gaining appreciation and applaud by many for speaking out against such a big star and not fearing the consequences.

On the other side, Ali Zafar’s fans showed full support to him and called Meesha’s allegations blatantly false. In retaliation to Meesha’s allegations, Ali Zafar legally filed a defamation suit against her. Since then, the two leading singers of Pakistan have been duking it out in a legal combat. As such, the two celebrities have remained polarizing figures in the country as people are divided in their opinion of who to support and who is guilty.


It is important to mention that though Meesha Shafi had appeared before the law enforcing agency numerous times before, she has failed to provide any evidence to support her harassment claims against the singer. Hence, previous month, Meesha – along with 8 other of her ‘witnesses’ – got booked over by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for defaming the legendary singer Ali Zafar.

Ali Zafar Offers to Pay Meesha’s Travel Expenses

Since then, Shafi has reportedly shifted to Canada with her family members. Due to this, she, along with her witnesses, has yet to appear before the court despite the hearing being postponed multiple times. Referencing this, the Channo singer has offered to cover all of Shafi’s travel expenses from Canada to Pakistan, if it meant that she could appear in the court of Additional District and Sessions, Lahore. Many twitter users lauded this move to which the star responded with his trademark “bhaeehazirhai”.

Ali Zafar made this offer through his legal counsel – Judge Muhammad Yasar Hayat. During the hearing, one of Meesha’s counsel members – Saqib Jillani – told the court that his client was available for cross examination on the video conferencing application, Zoom, from Canada. However, Zafar’s lawyer Umer Tariq Gill objected as none of Shafi’s witnesses were physically present in the court either.

Zafar’s lawyer added that to record the defendant’s evidence through Skype or Zoom would be against the pre-requisite laid down by the apex courts. As Shafi, her legal counsel and her alleged ‘witnesses’ have failed to appear before the court to record their testimonies time and again, the court is now demanding her to make an appearance or produce her witnesses without any further delay. The next hearing is scheduled for Saturday, November 17, 2020.

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