Ali Zafar is making his own PSL 2020 Anthem

Ali Zafar is making his own PSL 2020 Anthem and fans are ready


PSL 2020 launched the official anthem “Tayyar Ho?” a few weeks ago. It became notorious for its bad lyricism and lack of artistry. In simple terms, it was just not good enough. Maybe because the Pakistani music legend, Ali Zafar has set the bar so high when it comes to PSL anthems. People took the social media by storm. They addressed Ali Zafar in their posts requesting him to save PSL 2020 with his own anthem. And guess what? Ali Zafar is making his own PSL 2020 Anthem.

Pakistani singer Ali Zafar teased his fans and dropped a small video from his private studio releasing a new song for Pakistan Super League (PSL) after the official anthem disappointed them.

Ali Zafar opted Instagram and shared a video wherein he says “Bhai aa raha hai, Tayyar Ho (Brother is coming. Are you ready)?”

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Bhaee Aa Raha Hai. #bhaeehazirhai

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At the peak of criticism on PSL official anthem, famous anchor Waseem Badami inquired from Ali Zafar in his special transmission if he should come up with his own song. Waseem Badami chose the following words:

“Pakistan Super League is a Pakistani brand, it does not belong to PCB or anybody else. If you think, and I think people have liked your anthems, a lot. Will you still wait for the PCB management to approach you to sing? If fans want you to sing, you should go for it.”

After the show Ali Zafar posted a tweet on his Twitter handle telling his fans that he was unsure of what to do.

The official songs of the first three PSLs were sung by Ali Zafar before the torch was passed on to Fawad Khan, actor and singer, last year.

Ali Zafar is making his own PSL 2020 Anthem

Of all the PSL anthems composed so far, Ali Zafar’s 2017 melodius tune named Ab Khel Jamay Ga remains by far the most successful hit. It has become the unofficial tune of cricket in Pakistan. And now, fans cannot wait because Ali Zafar is making his own PSL 2020 Anthem.

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