Ali Zafar Finally Released “Mela Loot Liya” and People are Going Crazy! #bhaeehazirhai


Ali Zafar finally released the highly anticipated song “Mela Loot Liya” and people are going crazy!

The Nation’s Response

Ali Zafar’s new anthem, Mela Loot Liya’s official music video is finally out and the nation is in love. The response of the people has been majorly positive for both the music and the video of the anthem. People have been praising Ali Zafar for making a song so good in such a short amount of time.

People appreciated the singer’s dedication to his fans as well.

The song is not only getting massive praises, some people have even already declared the track as their favorite.

It has also been trending number 1 on twitter!

People could not stop themselves from dancing!

Fans also couldn’t stop themselves from comparing it to the official PSL anthem, saying that Ali Zafar managed to create a better song than Tayyar ho in a short span of time.

Mela Loot Liya has also managed to spark some memes. They have mainly been targeted towards Ali Azmat to troll and ridicule him.

There were also ones to show love towards Ali Zafar.

me after listening to ali zafar "mela loot liya"

Posted by Abdul Sami on Saturday, February 29, 2020

The song has received many praises since its release. But as with everything else, there is also a small minority which didn’t have its their expectations fulfilled.

Early Leak

Earlier today, the song’s music audio got leaked and made waves all over the Internet.

But unlike with many other leaks, this only served to play a part in building up the hype and anticipation for Mela Loot Liya even more. People even said that the leaked audio was alone enough to fulfill their expectations. No doubt that the official video would have blown them away!

Ali Zafar had huge expectations to fulfill with such a short time for preparation and from the reaction of the people, it is clear that he didn’t disappoint his fans at all. Truly, he is very talented!


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