Ali Sethi Responded to a Twitter Troll with "Aunty" And It's a War Between Fans and Critics

Ali Sethi under Meme Light again- A War Between Fans and Critics


When it comes to trolling online in live streams and social media, we have quite a few mentionable names – who have managed to flabbergast the world with their witty, sometimes dank responses. And if you are anywhere near to a person who does not live under a rock and uses social media, you might have heard Ali Sethi making resonance, not only by his vocals but by his trolls too.

And out of nowhere, the world has a new Twitter war to deal with. The fighting battalions are none other than Ali Sethi’s ever-thirsty critics and ever-adoring fans.


Apparently, Nadia J Qureshi who is a renowned dentist among the dental community of Pakistan, made a tweet making Tahir Shah’s new original Farishta as context to Ali Sethi’s career.

She made a point in her tweet that if we cannot bear Tahir Shah re-composing his own song Angel with a ‘mere translation’ in Urdu, why do we look up to Ali Sethi?  A man, ‘according to her’, who has always made cover songs and not enough originals to be called a real artist.

She even proceeded to rephrase Ali Sethi’s previously renowned social media catchphrase, which he delivered as a troll during a live stream. Thus, again making a point that re-making content does not build one’s credibility as an original artist.

Nadia J Qureshi had not tagged Ali Sethi’s official account in her tweets. But a lad named Ali Imran found it essential to tag Ali Sethi, the man himself, as to direct two trolling weapons towards each other. After being tagged, Ali Sethi responded claiming that he had released 6 original songs the year before. The troll master showed his colours once again, casually addressing Nadia J as “Auntie.”

This is where things flared up – and Nadia J responded within moments calling him “uncle” and owing his successful career entirely to the song covers he made of classical original songs.

The Fans and Critics

With the two trollers crashing each other, the fan-base and critics of Ali Sethi did not refrain from taking further matters into their own hands.

Ali Sethi Responded to a Twitter Troll with "Aunty" And It's a War Between Fans and Critics

Some criticized Nadia J for her intolerance and compulsive behavior towards Ali Sethi. According to them, singing is an art, and it must not be judged. Making covers of old songs should be normalized in their views.

When an issue goes into public’s hands, things get personal without a hunch. A person even proceeded to give credit to Ali Sethi’s cast, referring to the rich and renowned family tree of Pakistan. People with same view think that being a Sethi has brought a lot of good to him, regardless of his talents.

Ali Sethi Responded to a Twitter Troll with "Aunty" And It's a War Between Fans and Critics

Some people bashed Ali Sethi because of his foul remarks to Nadia saying that he had no right to attack Nadia J regarding her age. Some bashed Nadia J to not be picky as she did not have the talent Ali Sethi has.

Ali Sethi Responded to a Twitter Troll with "Aunty" And It's a War Between Fans and Critics


Ali Sethi’s Famous Trolls

It all started with a live stream. Trolled a member in live stream because of his obnoxious remarks so hard, the member must have considered quitting social media. A member used foul language in the comment section and Ali Sethi read it. Ali Sethi backfired with the same language – but for his entire family.

From that onwards, Ali Sethi achieved the meme limelight and a status of a troll champion.

Is Ali Sethi under legitimate accusation?

What Nadia J Qureshi said, is quite debatable. Undoubtedly, he attained most of his fame and career boost through his covers for classical songs which include “Chan Kithan”, Haal Aisa Nahin”, “Yaad Mein Teri”, “Dil Jalaane ki Baat Kartey Ho”, “Dil Karda Ay”, “Agar Tum Mil Jao” and many more. He collaborated with Coke Studio for many of his covers. Saying that, the revival of these lost songs by Ali Sethi is nothing less than a contribution to music as many rightfully thank Ali for introducing them to these masterpieces lost in time.

Ali Sethi Responded to a Twitter Troll with "Aunty" And It's a War Between Fans and Critics

But it should not be neglected that Ali Sethi has some original craft up his sleeve too. His original productions include “Mahi Mera”, “Waasta” and a few more. Nonetheless, Ali Sethi has achieved what no other Pakistani artist has ‘successfully’ and that is bringing life to old treasure. (Don’t forget koko korina by Ahad and Momina) and he deserves all the credit for it, not slurs.

Ali Sethi’s Fan club is on fire right now, let us know which side do you stand?



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