Truth behind ali rehman leaked video

Ali Rehman says Bashing Mcdonald’s Employee was a ‘Social Experiment’


Ali Rehman Leaked Video: Ali Rehman says the viral video of him bashing an employee from Mcdonald’s is a part of a social experiment. He was trying to check how will the public react if this goes viral.

Earlier today, we all saw a viral video going by the hashtag Ali Rehman leaked video where Ali was seen shouting at an Employee of the Mcdonalds foodchain. The video didn’t show what has happened to Ali, but his choice of words was not very cool. Many started bashing him, while we thought something was off about the video and there might be some explanation to this.

The video was created in collaboration with Mcdonalds and all the employees were on board with this. Here is a tweet from Mcdonalds confirming it.

This ‘social experiment’ although has shown how effective social channel can be in promoting a message or even defaming someone. Many other previous instances have been recorded where Youtubers and Showbiz celebrities were given schooling by the public. Some popular instances are of Ukhano with the harassment scandal and even Irfan Junejo for not speaking up on Kashmir issue.

This whole instance has taught us how our society really thinks about harassing waiters and servers at restaurants. This has to be brought to light as previously many bloggers and common people were seen showing pride on disrespecting hotel staff.

The #AliRehmanleakedvideo was a staged attempt to check audience reaction and it worked! Now time will tell if this hype has any on-ground or real effect on the lives of those who are involved in this superiority complex. We believe that it is the responsibility of restaurant staff to serve the customers, but on the other hand, the customers should also keep their complaints to service.

Further, we await what campaign Mcdonalds is brining up to curb with this challenge. If you have a thing or two to say about this Alirehmanleakedvideo experiment, please let us know in comments.

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