Ajay Devgan Is Set To Make A Movie On Ladakh Clash

Ajay Devgan Is Set To Make A Movie On Ladakh Clash


News Today: Ajay Devgan Is Set To Make A Movie On Ladakh Clash

Indian patriotism goes hand in hand with its film industry. Bollywood has been one of the greatest platforms used by the Indians to portray their affection and patriotism with their country. However, the depicted world is quite certainly entirely contrary to what Indian status is in the real world. Throwing shade on facts once again, Ajay Devgan is set to make a movie on Ladakh clash. The Bollywood star plans to release his new movie displaying the Galwan Valley face off in which ironically, more than 20 Indian soldiers were killed by the Chinese troops, merely by using their hands and legs because use of weapons is not permitted.

Meanwhile, the artist also put out one of his another latest projects which would come out the next year.

Movie Still Untitled

Ajay Devgan personally tweeted on his official Twitter handle and let the world know that his latest project which is still untitled was indeed related to the Galwan Valley clash in which Indian army faced a brutal battle against the Chinese. Sources have suggested the filming process of this movie will commence quite soon, not really considering the pandemic situation in the country.

This is not the first time Ajay Devgan has decided to go with a nationalistic or patriotic theme for his movies. The actor has played many more movies like “Zameen”, “Tango Charlie”, “Jung” and “LOC: Kargil”. It seems like the actor likes to make a movie for every recent Indian army battle. These movies are often misleading, according to even some Indian critics. This is done in order to add some spice to boost up viewership because who just does not like his country’s army being cinematic heroes?

Ajay Devgan Is Set To Make A Movie On Ladakh Clash

Some of his fans have now noticed this trend of his and are now taking it negatively. They think that Bollywood has figured out a way to cash out Indian patriotism by taking advantage of emotions. Ajay Devgan is always the first person to hop on the scene after a national level incident and that becomes the center of attention and generates revenue for the artists.

Twitter Has Become A Meme Hub

Soon after this announcement, Twitter literally became the epicenter of some epic memes. Here are some of them.

Akshay Kumar also loves doing army movies so.

In short, Indians will keep enjoying their fantasies in form of cinema whereas in the actual world, they might be weaker than they believe they are.

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