Air Marshall Arshad Malik Will Head PIA For The Next 3 Years

Air Marshall Arshad Malik Will Head PIA For The Next Three Years


News Today: Air Marshall Arshad Malik Will Head PIA For The Next Three Years

In a cabinet meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, ministers agreed upon the decision of extending Air Marshall Arshad Malik’s time as the top officer of PIA. As a consequence of this decision, Air Marshall Arshad Malik will head PIA for the next three years even after retiring as an Air Marshall from the Pakistan Air Force on 12 July. Currently, Arshad Malik holds both the rank of an Air Marshall in air force as well as headship of the national air carrier. While most people are appreciating this decision made by the relevant authorities, some people are not quite happy seeing a military man heading over a civilian body.

AM Arshad Malik On His Deputation

When asked, a cabinet member explained that AM Arshad Malik had been appointed as the head of the national airlines back in 2018. However, he had been appointed on a deputation basis because he was still serving in the air force. Now, the Air Marshall will be retiring on 12 July from the air force and will be eligible to hold the head office on secondment basis. This time, his tenure will last on a contractual basis for the next 3 years, totaling his service to 5 years.

Air Marshall Arshad Malik Will Head PIA For The Next 3 Years

Under the command of AM Arshad Malik, PIA was observed to rise up from literal ashes as the company was crumbling to the ground faster than ever. AM Arshad Malik brought some serious changes in the company facilitating both the customers as well as the workers and pilots.

Difficulties With Supreme Court

Right after the Karachi plane crash, many heads turned to AM Arshad Malik as he was the ultimate authority in the company and responsible for its well-being. Judges in supreme court had a hard time digesting the fact that Arshad Malik was indeed still serving in the air force while heading over the national flag carrier. So, it was declared by Supreme Court of Pakistan that Arshad Malik will have to resign from either of the two. The probability of the prior happening was highly unlikely, so AM Arshad Malik was bound to leave his headship at PIA. But about a month later, AM Arshad Malik was allowed back to head PIA thanks to government efforts.

Recently, a new pandora box opened when PIA was marked with fake and bogus pilots. In the cabinet meeting, when PM Imran Khan inquired about the status of the fake pilots, Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan told that AM Air Marshall had made sure to ground all bogus and fake license pilots.

We hope that our national airlines sees better days in its future under the headship of this highly experienced man.

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