Ahmadis Have Been Excluded From Pakistan's Minorities Commission

Ahmadis Have Been Excluded From Pakistan’s Minorities Commission


Last month on 29th of April, Prime Minister Imran Khan had a cabinet meeting in which he approved a memorandum on behalf of Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony which urged the members of the cabinet to approve the admission of Ahamdis in the minorities list. PM Imran Khan at first did not reject the idea and ordered the members of Ministry of Religious affairs to include Ahmadis in the list of minorities of Pakistan. This step called for a religious dispute and backlash throughout the country criticizing the government for its absurd approval. However, just recently, PM Imran Khan took back his decision of adding Ahmadis to National Commission of Minorities of Pakistan.

Ahmadis And Their Disputed Status

A major portion of the population have had a sigh of relief after the withdrawal of this controversial decision. There are about 4 million Ahmadis in a country of 212 million and most of the 212 millionĀ  despise Qadiyani (Ahmadi) sector for its unpopular and contrary to Shariah beliefs. Ahmadis were labelled non-Muslims after the second amendment in the constitution of Pakistan by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who was thoroughly convinced and pressed with Islamic evidence against them by religious clerics. Since then, there have been many processions against any government that has tried to manipulate that amendment in the constitution.

Ahmadis Have Been Excluded From Pakistan's Minorities Commission

To this day, Ahmadis are considered non-Muslims by 94% of people of Pakistan and are considered as the enemies of Islam and Quran. There have been unimaginably violent riots in the past between Ahmadis and different religious sects of Pakistan, which led to certain legislation and limitations for Ahmadis, including the fact that they are not to be considered even the minorities. Federal Minister Noor ul Haq Qadri stood against the decision of the prime minister and convinced him to reverse his decision in favor of Islam.

Ahmadis Have Been Excluded From Pakistan's Minorities Commission
Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Noor ul Haq Qadri

National Minorities Commission of Pakistan

Pakistan was based on the ideology of Islam and was officially declared an Islamic Republic in the constitution of 1956. Keeping in mind the rights bestowed by Islam to non-Muslims, a commission named National Minorities Commission of Pakistan was established which ensured the representation of non-Muslim sectors of Pakistan’s society on government level. As of today, the NMC comprises of three members from Hindu and Christian community of Pakistan, while two members have been selected from Sikh community to be their voice and one member each will represent Kelash and Parsi communities in the commission. Keep in mind, Ahmadis haveĀ notĀ been given the representation of a minority.

Ahmadis Have Been Excluded From Pakistan's Minorities Commission.In a sense, Ahmadis are not even considered a part of Pakistan because of their sheer divergence from real Islamic concepts.

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